Dreadtober – Episode Three

At the end of Dreadtober – Episode Two, the Helbrute looked like this:

dreadtober khorne helbrute

Episode three is a quick one. It’s the mid-season break. It’s very short.

dreadtober helbrute carapace colour palette

Time is short and so in the twenty or thirty minutes that I had to paint last night, I made sure I had my palette of colours sorted out. Above, you can see the paints that I am using for the carapace armour. The base coat is Mechrite Red. Next stage is a 50/50 mix of Mechrite Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet. This is applied along the edges and then feathered back into the base coat.

Feathering (if that’s the right term) is where you get a clean, moist brush and lightly move some of the highlight colour from the edge of the highlighted area towards the centre of the armour. It helps to blend the highlight colour back into the base coat and helps to create a more even transition between the colous.

Once that highlight is dry, I applied a second highlight to the edges. This time it was pure Evil Sunz Scarlet.

The third highlight was applied to just the corners or extreme highlights using Wild Rider Red.

dreadtober khorne helbrute

At the end of Dreadtober Episode Three, my Helbrute is starting to look like I’ve done something to it. It was only (at most) thirty minutes work, but I have sorted out the colour palette for the carapace armour, or red bits, and also practiced the process of painting. Even small painting sessions can have unexpected benefits. Next time I sit down to paint, I’m ready to got with my palette of colours and techniques already worked out!

DREADTOBER: so hardcore you have to say it in capitals!