Dreadtober – Episode Two

At the end of Dreadtober – Episode One, the Helbrute looked like this:

dreadtober khorne helbrute episode one

And then we go onto Episode Two.

I was mucking around with the Mechrite Red parts, touching up the areas that I had applied Agrax Earthshade to. Agrax Earthshade was used to create shadows in the deeper parts of the Mechrite Red parts.

You can also see that the decision about the skelton was applied. After consulting with my fellow Hoarders, the bone colour was the winner. The challenge remains with the bone and red colour blending together (colour theory).

I painted the foot in Rhinox Hide. Then a highlight of Rhinox Hide and Snakebite Leather (about 50/50). That was followed up with just Snakebite Leather. Next I applied a 50/50 mix of Snakebite Lather and Bleached Bone. Each higlight was applied in successively smaller “stripes” with a final highlight of Bleached Bone applied in a thin line along the edges.

dreadtober khorne helbrute episode two foot

A little blurry, bit I think it gives you a good idea of the finished product.

Then I started highlighting the face with a 50/50 mix of Mechrite Red and Evil Sunz Scarlett and a final highlight of pure Evil Sunz Scarlett to the extreme edges.

dreadtober khorne helbrute episode two finished

Join me for Episode Three where I finally figure out Google Hangouts and the chat box. Or probably offend the one viewer watching me work on my DREADTOBER pledge!

In this episode, I am pimping: