Duelling Paintbrushes and Warhammer World Series

Duelling Paintbrushes is the brain child of Owen over on Terrain for Hippos. Along with Greg at the Hoodling’s Hole, they have devised a really interesting idea for a competition/tournament for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

warhammer painting competition duelling paintbrushes

The rules of Duelling Paintbrushes are

  • Start painting October 1st.
  • Finish painting October 31st.
  • You must paint a minimum of 1000 points of Warhammer which can be combined with 500 already painted points to be used at the Warhammer World Series. Or you can just paint all of it. Which ever works.
  • The resulting 1500 point army MUST be legal.
  • Participants will be assigned to the table on which their army is playing at some point in the WWS so they get to have fun with it.
  • You can assemble and undercoat before hand. Or you can be arrogant and do it all during the challenge and make everyone else feel slow.
  • Time permitting; you can add further figures and units or terrain features themed to your army.
  • Everyone who meets the challenge is declared the victor.
  • Everyone who fails to meet the challenge is declared a weedy git and scorned by those who win.
  • The purpose of DP3 is to promote wargames blogging. So you must have a blog to participate. Suggestions that Facebook should be allowed will be treated with the distain they deserve.
  • You must report your progress on your blog.
  • Please add the blogs of all other participants to your Blogroll.
  • Use of Hippos has been authorized.

Different from last year, Duelling Paintbrushes is just for Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies.

And the Warhammer World Series is a great idea for a terrain as seen below.

The Warhammer World Series is not your normal tournament. Players do not bring an army with them on the day. Instead, each table will have 2 armies and a scenario pre-determined and the players will dice off to choose which army to use. Every effort will be made to ensure the armies playing off on each table are well-matched and should provide for an interesting game.

At the moment, there are a number of Melbourne warhammer bloggers who are entering Duelling Paintbrushes 3:

Just like the last three years, I am COMPLETLEY unprepared for the event. However, I am watching the blogs involved to see their progress. Maybe next year …