Eastcon Day One

Eastcon is the Warhammer 40000 tournament run by the Ringwood Wargamers. It’s 1750 point, so lots of toys are available!

My list is the same as the one I was going to take to Kill Count, so it’s one Nurgle Daemon Prince, four squads of seven Plague Marines in Rhinos, two squads of Obliterators (two and one) and two Dreadnougts.

The day dawned brisk and bright and after fulfilling my democratic obligations (the price of living in a democracy), I hooned on up Eastlink to Ringwood. As I realised a few days ago, the Bowls Club is only about seventeen seconds from where I am working at the moment; so there was no geographic embarassment from yours truly!
I learnt that a squad of Nob Bikers are about the HARDEST unit in the game! Sheesh. However, the thing that is huring my army is the lack of troops; in future I think I will have to drop the dreadnoughts (who inevitably either Blood Rage or Fire Frenzy at exactly te wrong time) and replace them with another squad; possibly Havocs.
After the obligatory catchup with familiar faces, it was time to get our Warhammers on. Eastcon was a roaring success last year, from all accounts, so I was looking forward to see what it would be like this year. On first impressions, the venuse was brilliant, light and spacious, there’s a bar serving beer at ten in the morning at Bowls Club prices. The day was looking up.

This year’s field seems a little down on last year. However, the forty odd players were a good mix of old an new. As much fun is it is to play mates, I always enjoy going to tournaments to play new people … and give them a chance to flog me pillar to post!

Round One – Robert Stephenson – Orks
A pretty easy mission for early on a Saturday morning; objective based. Both Robert and I parked a couple of units on top of our objectives and proceeded to pound the crap out of each other down the flanks. The result was an even draw.
I was happy with the draw, particularly as Robert was someone I have never played before.

Round Two – Will Dalmu – Chaos Dameons
Second game and the second person I have never played before! I have to say that Will’s army was pretty unforgiving; Skabrand, Keeper of Secrtes, Nurgle Daemon Prince and a Changer of Ways, plus one unit of Bloodcrushers, a unit of Daemonettes and a unit of Plaguebearers. Regrettably, I forgot to play the mission; Victory points (Kill Point fallback in the event of a draw). Will brought down his four big guys near enough for me to not ba able to shoot effectively and proceeded to rip my lines apart. A resounding loss!
Of note, Will ‘s Nurgle Daemon Prince with wings. It’s modelled as a Nurgling pulling his finger and a particularly Nurgle-esque bodily function launching him skywards! Awesome!
However, focusing two squads of fire power on a loan Daemon Prince and no amount of fart induced flying would save him. And here’s where I fell down. Effectively, I had two turns before his preferred wave hit the table; I should have parked my army in a corner and come out screaming. As it was, that’s what Will did and my lines were spread too thin to deal with it.

Round Three – Dave Carter – Daemons (Tzeentch)
I last played Dave about five or so years ago when he had an Iron Warriors army. There is something about a themed army that really adds to the game. Dave’s Tzeentch army is one such. Apart from being all daemon based, like Will, he could have focussed on the hard stuff, but had a good mix of Daemons. I STILL hate Flamers of Taeentch; they make squads just disappear. The only downside to Dave’s army? He only had three scoring units, the Horrors. In the washup, Dave convincingly beat me. I managed to get two Deep Strike mishaps that allowed me to re-deploy his Daemon Prince in the back corner of the board and similarly, a squad of Horrors as well.
I once more “played” to the mission, parking two units of Plague Marines on two of the three objectives with the two Dreadnoughts on the flank. The Dreadnoughts both disappeared with scary ease. I made one silly error allowing three flamers to move over and contest another objective; the lesson? Pay attention to the bigger picture.

So, at the end of day one, faithful reader, I am one draw and two losses. A total of twenty two points from three games. All I can hope for is good sports and maybe some painting scores in my favour. Either that or a MASSIVE submarine job on the morrow.

Only time will tell!