Eastcon Day Two

After some mediocre performances yesterday (http://thegoldend6.invurted.com/2010/eastcon-day-one), I looked forwards to today with a mix of excitement and dread.

Yesterday, I learnt that I NEED to pay attention to the game and the objectives of each mission, particularly. Today, I promised myself to stick to that. With that in mind, I present … Round Four!

Round Four – Rohan Cram – Dark Eldar
I was extremely interested in playing Rohan; he’s a nice bloke, Brad raves about him AND he’s playing Dark Eldar! Interestingly enough, there were no Eldar armies at Eastcon and only one Dark Eldar (not so strange). Given my Dark Eldar tendencies, this was going to be quite educational. The mission was a bit of a thinker for first thing on a Sunday morning. Start playing the game and on turn four, you roll for your primary objective and on turn five roll for your secondary objective. Objectives included quarter grab, objective grab, assassinate and so on. Both Rohan and I had been going back and forth at less than full pace, engaging in gentlemanly banter and so forth, so, regrettably, we only managed to get four turns in. Both of us achieved our primary objective and so the game was a draw.
I learnt that Dark Eldar can really eat marines for breakfast. Rohan’s army was a Raider based one, so there were significant dark lance shots coming out each turn, but only a lone Ravager to wreak havoc. My one saving grace was Rohan ability to penetrate armour with said dark lances. Still, quite a scary army to play against and it will be interesting to see what the new codex holds for them. Thanks alos to Rohan, as I am now quite inspired to get back to work on my own Dark Eldar army!

Round Five – Mat Mitchell – Tyranids
Having seen what other Tyranid players were bringing, I wasn’t exactly excited about playing Mat. Thankfully, I was mistaken. Apart from a Mawlock that popped up and promptly got hosed down with EVERYTING I could bring to bear on it, there was a scary Hive Tyrant with a couple of guards, some little gribblies, a couple of Zoanthropes and some Warriors. Mat’s one weakness (by his own admission)? He’d taken a fifteen hundred point army and just jammed in 250 points of upgrades.
Like the last mission, this one had two objectives, unlike th last mission, the objectives were secret. I chose assassinate is Hive Tyrant and grab the objective in the middle of the board. This was complicated by Mat hiding his Hive Tyrant back where I couldn’t shoot it. Thankfully, he decided to come out to play. I eventually shot the proverbial out of him, but not before he ate one of my units. Feel No Pain doesn’t work when a Hive Tyrant splits you down the middle! After the dust had settled (we managed to fit five rounds into the allocated time), I had achived my primary and secondary objectives. Mat had chosen te same as me, but in the reverse order. He killed my Daemon Prince (his secondary), but not claimed the centre objective (his primary). Round five: win to our hero!

Round Six – Tom Nurse – Chaos Daemons
Nice and simple; break your opponent. Tom had a Bloodthirster, and Greater Unclean One, a Soul Grinder and a Nurgle Daemon prince along with two units of Bloodletters, four Bloodcrushers, some Nurglings and some Pink Horrors. This was NOT going to be easy. Rather than spread out to face the onslaught, I did a flank denial and lumped all my boys back in a corner! I stuck to the plan until the big Daemons hit my lines; I just didn’t have the firepower to stop them! And they ripped me a new one.
My moral victory came as I deep struck a lone Obliterator directly behind is Soul Grinder a proceeded to blow it up.
Never before have I seen one man make so many invulnerable saves!

At the end of six rounds, I had one win, two draws and three losses. This is about my tournament standard and saw me finish thirtieth from a field of forty. Or, as I prefer to look at it, in the top seventy-five percent! I did manage a prize win thought for Player’s Choice – Sports. I am pretty happy with that, mostly because it’s judged directly by my opponents and means I am a “nice guy” to play against.

All in all, Eastcon was a blast and has me all excited about Warhammer 40000 again and tournament play , in particular. If you get the chance, Eastcon is well worth the trip to Ringwood. The venue is awesome, the players were friendly and challenging and the atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. Í’ll definitely be back next year!