Empire In Flames Results

Empire In Flames has been run and won on the weekend of 9th and 10th April, 2011 at Realm Of Legends in Croydon.

All reports seem to indicate that Chris did a sterling job of running a pure 8th edition tournament. The summary of the results is:

Rank Name Army Total
1 David Duriesmith Wood Elves 144
2 Chris Penwarden Orcs and Goblins 141
3 Ben Leopold Skaven 140
Best Sports Nick Gentile
2nd Best Sports Aaron Gruneklee
3rd Best Sports Andrew Noakes
Player’s Choice David Duriesmith
2nd Player’s Choice Greg Johnson
3rd Player’s Choice Nick Hoen
Best Unit Andrew Noakes
Best Model Greg Johnson
Best Newcomer Lachy Mulchay
Best Newcomer’s Army Shaun Hogan
Runners Up Best Newcomer’s Army Chris Grace and Jon-Hollis Hill
Club Challenge Winner Mark’s Monday Night Crew

Also, a really interesting point of view from Chris (http://thefieldsofblood.blogspot.com/2011/04/alive-kicking-empire-in-flames-tos.html)

So without sabotaging the magic phase, and allowing people to use lord-level characters, surely the games were a disaster? How could people have fun playing WFB by the book? Strangely, the games were lots of fun, by all reports. People had loads of fun. The game, magic included, works fine and EiF showed it.

Go Warhammer 8th ed (and Chris)!!