Everybody is Fistful of Kung Fu fighting

After a promising start with A Fistful of Kung Fu, I have been doing some actual work. Okay, my family is away for a week and I am left to my own devices: the Mancave is back!

I’ve watched countless hours of useful tutorials and reviews on Youtube over the years, so I thought I’d give it a go. The first video is me cleaning up the miniatures and getting them ready.

The quality is still being worked on, both content wise and visually.

In my second ever Youtube video (if you don’t mind), you can see that the miniatures are undercoated and based and ready for painting.

Video is definitely a fun medium to work in, but there’s a steep learning curve. At the moment, the shooting and mucking around (editing, I’m told is the correct term) takes longer than the work put into the miniatures. However, it’s interesting enough that I’m willing to keep at it.

Hope you enjoy the show on the official Sprue Grey Toy Soldier Youtube channel

* Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title.