Flayed Rock All-Stars

Ogres have played Blood Bowl since the formation of the NAF. Some of the biggest star players of all time are ogres, literally!! Which red blooded fan doesn’t love seeing the Ballista, Morg ‘n’ Thorg take the field and do what he does best. The newest, meanest Ogres to enter the fray, the Flayed Rock All-Stars. Hailing from the banks of the River Ruin comes the biggest collection of ugly to ever take the Blood Bowl pitch.

Driving their Gnoblar slaves before them onto the pitch, the Flayed Rock All-Stars happily revel in the madness and destruction of Blood Bowl. Indeed, their head coach has aspirations on the inaugural DABBLE Cup.

So, a decision has been made (of sorts). Ogres. Undoubtedly the strongest pound for pound frontline in Blood Bowl! Starting at strength 5, even Chaos Warriors should be quaking in their boots! Combine that with Mighty Blow and even the toughest armoured opponent shouldn’t put up too much resistance.

So, with pride, I present the Flayed Rock All-Stars!

Da Skorcha

Da Wolverieeen

Spiky McAggis

Cracktoof da Butcha

Da Mighty Iron Fist

blood bowl ogre team
Assistant Coach

Da Unmassed Washes
(Gnoblar Slaves)

After an exhaustive search, I finally found the metal Blood Bowl Ogre team in Mind Games. I’ve got to admit, I was a little underwhelmed by them until I started to pull them apart and clean them up.

For various reasons, the Golden D6 have a massive amount of plastic Ogre bits leftover, so it was with much enthusiasm that I attacked the box of bits and took clippers to the metal bodies. I managed to kill a pair of clippers cutting a Gorger’s head in half, so that idea died pretty quickly!!

Anyway, the plastic Ogre heads, arms and viscious claws suit themself ideally to the mythology of Blood Bowl.

The hard part is always going to be the “other” players. Snotlings. Ewwwwww. Thankfully they are cheap. Goblins at least are just stunty, snotlings (or in my case Gnoblars) are stunty AND titchy. So, although they get some massive bonuses for dodging, they don’t exert tackle zones on enemies for the purposes of THEM dodging in and out, on top of that, they get a +1 on injury rolls infliected on them!

So, the basic strategy? Put the ogres in the front line and use the Gnoblars as either launched ball holding missiles, or as mega dodge mosters and try to pass the ball to them.

The upcoming games will prove the truth of my strategy. Thankfully, snotlings are cheap and a fairly high fan-factor will allow if not instant replacement, then fairly rapid, replacement of killed Gnoblars and Ogres.