Blood Bowl Ogres – The Flayed Rock All Stars

“Well, Jim, it’s a beautiful day here at the Ogredome.”
“That’s right Marty; it’s a packed house here supporting the home team. The fans have really turned out in hordes for what will be a slobber knocker of a match for this exciting Ogre franchise.”
“Yes Jim, as long as their ‘coach’, Spanky, can keep them moving in the right direction. Ogres are brutally strong and most fans would say they’re designed for Blood Bowl, however, they’re not so gifted in the brains department!”
“Both teams have taken the field, Jim, and we’re waiting for the kick off! The Flayed Rock All Stars starting line-up is in place; the perennial favourites the Scorcha, the Butcher, Wolvereeen, Doc Grumpy and Ol’ Iron Fist take the line of scrimmage. As ever, the Unwashed Masses, their Snotling cohorts take the back field as much to direct the action as stay out of it!”
“And there’s the kick! The Unwashed Masses catch the ball deep in their half and rush towards the half way line. One of the Masses laterals to another standing at the feet of the Butcher.”
“The Butcher reaches down and pick up the Snotling, draws back his arm and launches the ball and the Snotling towards the endzone …”

blood bowl ogre player blood bowl ogre player
blood bowl ogre player blood bowl ogre player
blood bowl ogre player blood bowl ogre player
blood bowl ogre player blood bowl ogre player
blood bowl ogre player blood bowl ogre player

My beloved Blood Bowl Ogre team: The Flayed Rock Allstars! The photos above show you the built version and the undercoated version. As you can see, there is a lot of head swapping and arm replacement going on, as well as some green stuff just to fill in the gaps. You wouldn’t go so far as to say extensively converted, however, the addition of plastic Warhammer Ogre arms and heads make for some simple conversions and a characterful team to take the Blood Bowl pitch.

# Title Cost MA ST AG AV Skills Normal Double
0-16 Snotlings 20000 5 1 3 5 Dodge, Right Stuff, Side
Step, Stunty, Titchy
0-6 Ogres 140000 5 5 2 9 Bone-head, Mighty Blow,
Thick Skull, Throw Team Mate

There is nothing like dumping five or six Ogres on the line in a game of Blood Bowl and daring your opponent to clear them off. Unless they’re tricksy elves who dodge their way around you, or Orcs who gang up on you to get a two dice block, or … well, the list goes on. There are always ways around a solid frontline and that’s why it’s important to have a good back field.
Snotlings, for example, are NOT a good back field! They are strength 1! Snotlings have Stunty AND Titchy skills, which means not only are they easily hurt, they don’t exert a tackle zone because they are so small. On top of hat, they have armour 5. Luckily, Snotlings are only 20000gp each. You’ll be replacing them often, so don’t get too attached!
Ogres are more resilient, with Mighty Blow and Thick Skull coupled with strength 5, the average Blood Bowl Ogre hits like a freight train. As long as you can make their Bone-head roll.

blood bowl ogre player blood bowl ogre player blood bowl ogre player
The Unwashed Masses Spanky, the Coach

Ref: BloodBowl Living Rulebook 5 (for those keeping score)