Fund raising for school

Like most places around the world (or at least as far as my knowldge goes!), Victoria’s public school system is in need of money. Below you can see an example of a distraught Victorian school student in urgent need of facilities!
His identity has been masked to protect the “innocent”.
Mentone Primary School Fundraiser
How can you not look at such an innocent, semi-obscured face and not want to help?
Well, you can!
Mentone Primary School is having an on-going fundraising event and have teamed up with You Name It Lables to help raise urgently need funds for school projects. That’s right, there’s no expiry date on this one!
I can hear you asking, “Wow, that’s amazing! How can I help out this incredibly worthwhile cause?”
Why the answer is simple! You Name It Labels will give an incredibly generous rebate ($2.50 for each set of vinyl or 70 fabric labels and %5 for a savings pack) to the school for each order made. Also, if you order online, you receive a 5% discount off normal prices.

To help out, place and order online and as part of the checkout process, quote
as the fundraising code. The fundraising code has to be entered exactly as you see it in the above line.
Mentone Primary School Fundraiser
I wouldn’t normally push something like this on my readership (all seven of you), but I hope that if I show enough people and they share this with their friends, we’re in with a chance to turn that frown upside down!

No puppies were deliberatley exploited in the writing of this community service announcement.