Games Workshop 25th Anniversary model

Many years ago a fresh faced young man wandered into his FLGS (Mind Games, Frankston) and picked up a copy of the Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader rules.

The rules were, at best, unwieldly and cumbersome. However, the background fluff had me hooked. The miniatures were captivating and supported the fluff nicely. Here in Australia, they were thin on the ground and hard to get your hands on. I remember hassling my father to use his UK connections to get the brand new Eldar Aspect warriors ordered out of the White Dwarf 127.

I think that I played about two games of Rogue Trader.

The one thing that I remember from the Rogue Trader ruleset was something on the psychology of the game. From memory it went something like this, “When the game is not going your way, close the book, take a deep breath and then take a good hard look at the cover”. I thought that was brilliant; a few stranded Crimson Fists beseiged by a sea of Orks. The Space Marines making a last, desperate, ultimatley futile but insanely brave stand against insurmountable odds.

I have no idea wether it actually worked that well or not, but it was something that really appealed to me. In fact, it’s probably that one piece of text that really hooked me into the world of Warhammer 40000.

games workshop anniversary miniature

From various sources around the internet, comes the above. The orginal super star of the Warhammer 40000 world. The Finecast release makes me nervous based on other people’s experience with Finecast, but I am an eternal optimist. If we were talking wrestling, I’d say I’m a total mark for Games Workshop.

Bring on the Australian release! It’s reinspired me to play Warhammer 40000!