Golden Daemon 2006

Back in 2006, I had aspirations to win the Golden Daemon

Well, I didn’t, but Tim managed it with his awesome Deathwatch marines.

The Chaplain made it out of the state to the next round, regrettably Crom didn’t. ‘Tis a bit of a shame because I liked Crom better.

Anyway, the two entries follow (plus some spiel I wrote at the time):

I’m entering the Golden Daemons again this year! My 1337 paintz0r sk1llz0rz will pwn you all!! Well, probably not, but I’ll give it a red hot go. All I have to do is kill Leigh Carpenter etc. Hmmm, this could be harder than I thought. Anyway, after way too long behind the brush, I am FINALLY back. This figure is just sex in metal and comes about for primarily two reasons:
a ) Following a weekend watching a mate finishing up his Komplete Fanatik army before his lovely wife gets home!
b ) Checking out another friend’s army at Judgement Day and following a discussion finding out that his termies are ALL done with a standard brush.

So, in that vain I set myself a challenge. Queue up all the Motorhead and Man O War that I could find, grab a standard paint brush and get to it.

So, thanks to both skabradisdead and Badfang, I present The Truthsayer

Space Marine Terminator Chaplian

The Terminator Chaplain that I entered into the Golden Daemon

The second entry is Crom The Conqueror. This is ANOTHER awesome GW figure that I feel I didn’t do justice to. Y’know those Studio boys really have their shit together!!

Crom the Conqueror

Crom the Conqueror that I entered into the Golden Daemon

The third entry was a big secret (I hadn’t taken photos!!) and was Arwen mounted on steed. At least the second version of this miniature (that I entered) didn’t look like a drag queen!