Heresy Miniatures Review – Part 1

In a move that should be unsurprising to most, I put my foot in my mouth.

On Twitter I made this call out to the #Spruegrey Nation to check out Heresy Miniatures.

To back up my call out, I dished out some of my hard earned to check out their figures.

I have been aware of Heresy Miniatures for a while now. Their sci-fi gangers really grabbed my attention, particularly Painless Joe.

heresy miniatures painless joe necromunda ganger review

Such an awesomely, characterful miniature that I could not resist putting him in the shopping cart.

Heresy Miniature Review

My order is:

  • Big Boris III (Metal version is LIMITED EDITION)
  • Painless Joe – ‘Tank’ ganger with minigun
  • Bane
  • Napalm Ned – Flamethrower ganger
  • Mr Sinister, Gunslinger
  • Van Halfling, Witch Hunter/Bounty Hunter/Assassin
  • Noob (A) (Protecting Face)
  • Silk
  • Ghost, gang member with Sword
  • Inspectors Deal Pack

The ganger models will go into a Rogue Stars crew. Or possibly a One Page Rules game. Big Boris and Van Halfling are interest pieces and will get the treatment sooner rather than later.

The Inspectors are there for when I need civilian or non-combatant figures. I guess they could be used for objectives too.

Orders greater than 60 GBP come to me shipping free which is great when having to convert AUD to GBP.

Onto the bad.

I’ll ignore the geographic isolation. Australia is a long way away from everyone. I just take it as a given.

  • I hate their webstore. That’s it, I said it. Heresy have a tonne of amazing looking models, but the store is too busy and navigation is painful. I actually love being shown “You might also like” suggestions and they work on me. However, having them right down the bottom of the page makes me chose to navigate the site to find stuff that I’m interested in.
  • The checkout process jumps back and forth between Paypal and the site. More frustrating than anything.
  • Modern bandwidth and devices can deal with big images. Use them! I want to have my screen over taken with detailed photos of your figures, Heresy!

That’s all.

In Part Two of the review I’ll pull apart the box and take a look at the figures themselves. I am pretty excited about them, despite my misgivings about the webstore.

What other miniature companies are there that warrant some checking out?
Have you bought from them?
Comment below.