Hobby Fail!

I posted earlier that I was “back on the horse” with the hobby blog. That was ten days ago.

Excuse? Yah, of course I have an excuse!

Real life gets in the way (and I’m not the only one). Pregnant wife with brutal morning sickness, and a trip to Perth for five days. For the geographically unenlightened, Perth is on the other side of the country and three hours behind Melbourne. Not only did I have to work on Monday, as usual, but I had to readjust to starting work about the time I would normally sit down for lunch.

The good news is I finally adjusted to the time difference, just in time to have to fly BACK to Melbourne on Friday night.

Hobby has been a bit thin on the ground in the last few days. Perth was great for a change, but seeing the inside of a hotel room and the office does not a holiday make.

sprue grey perth

The room was a little pokey, but comfortable for the five days I was there; just not much in the way of square metreage for hobby.

Thankfully, I’m back for a week before heading off to Canberra for a week …

Hobby updates impending, I promise.