Hordes – The Circle Grows

I made a promised to myself to get some more hobby done this year. (http://thegoldend6.invurted.com/2010/new-year-promises)

Of course, this has to be balanced with a pressing social life (my family) and work. This means hobby time becomes kind of precious.

As per my new year promises, there’s a heap of stuf there. As an addition, there are two Blood Bowl teams added to the list and I also need to touch up my Mordheim Skaven gang. And resurrect my Necromunda Cawdor! Oh dear.

However, back on topic for a minute. I’ve had the Warpwolf done and finished for about eighteen months since a mate started playing and subsequently sold a Khador army. The wolves got my attention early on in the piece, unfortunately, they got sidelined.

Of all the gangs/armies/collections that are in that list, the first one I am tackling is the Circle box set. Kaya the Wildborne is the Warlock included in the Circle Orboros boxed set. She’s an expert at manipulating Warbeasts and has the highest Fury of all the boxed set warlocks. Of all the Circle Warlocks in Primal she’s the “Beast Buddy”, and is able to run a force of nothing but Warbeasts. The boxset also contained the aforementioned Warpwolf heavy war beast and two Argus light war beasts.

Circle Gallery

Next to get done are the two Argus.

Back to the painting table.