How to get started with the Combined Army

I was discussing the merits of the greatest force in Infinity with a potential recruit to the Combined Army at Hampton on the weekend. The question raised was how to get started with the Combined Army.

There is a massive variety in the Combined Army, from the brute force aggression of the Morat Sectiorial force, to the mega sneaky stealthy alien antics of the Shasvastii.

After talking to Nick, we decided to apply the rule of cool. He really liked the red faced monkeys, so Morats it was.
The range of boxed sets available to the Combined Army opens up some pretty cool options:

  • Combined Army Starter Pack
    • 3 Unidron Batdroids with Plasma Carbines, loyal and trustable REM troops.
    • 1 Maakrep Sniper, a hunter-killer from the Sygmaa, the Tohaa aliens who fights for the EI.
    • 1 Fraacta jump trooper, a Sygmaa parachutist with a symbiont gear, which provides her the Transmutation Special Skill.
    • An Umbra Legate, lethal with their mysterious martial arts, who are the second in command of the Evolved Intelligence.

    I LOVED this box set. The Umbra Legate is an amazing miniature, but the rule of cool says Morats so we’ll put this one on the back burner for a while.

  • Daturazi Witch Soldiers
    • Following the Knife resistance and after the EI’s contact with the Morat race, a group of the aliens proclaimed themselves as an elite military caste: The Order of Dāturazi. Experts in their own complex and lethal form of martial art, they fervently embrace the close combat ideology of the Dāturazi teachings.

    These will definitely be an addition later, chain rifles and smoke with a crazy physical stat means dodge up the table dropping smoke and then it’s time to bring the armour piercing (AP) close combat weapons into play. Kapow!!

  • Morat Aggression Force Sectorial Starter Pack
    We finally decided that the Morat Aggression Force was the way to go. From the box set, I was able to make the following list:

    • Raktorak » Combi Rifle, Heavy Flame Thrower SWC:0.0 Cost:22
    • Oznat » Combi Rifle, Light Smoke Grenade Launcher SWC:0.0 Cost:20
    • Sogarat Tempest Regiment » Feuerbach SWC:1.5 Cost:57
    • Morat » Lieutenant SWC:1.0 Cost:14
    • Morat » Combi Rifle SWC:0.0 Cost:14
    • Morat » Combi Rifle SWC:0.0 Cost:14
    • Orders: 6
      Total SWC: 2.5
      Total Points: 14

At its simplest, the six orders will give Nick enough point to play a game. Nick is not going to podium with this list but it will get him started, has some cool looking models and give him a feel for the Combined Army.
The Combined Army tend to be a small, elite force and this means that Nick only has to be worried about six models in total. He will start to feel his losses quickly because of the small numbers, but the base toughness of the Morats will weather a fair amount of punishment before dropping.
Expanding the list, I’d add the Witch Soldiers, in their own Combat Group, for true close assault nastiness.
The list lacks for specialists like a Hacker; the starting models are still some sweet looking models. Adding the 4 Morat Vanguard Infantry Models adds options for a HMG, a Hacker, a MULTI Sniper Rifle and a Missile Launcher.
I’d drop the Oznat for later if he decides to get some Gakis and Pretas (strange alien killing beasts).