How to paint Death Wing quickly

With the release of the Dark Angels almost upon us, and my own efforts to build a Deathwing army, when I found this on bolterandchainsword, I feel compelled to share.

Here is a simple, effective and above all quick recipe for the famous bone colour used by the First Company veterans; the Deathwing. The paints being used are pre-2012 paints, but there are equivalents that can be easily swapped in.

STEP 1: Basecoat the model with Denheb Stone. Watering down the base coat over a black undercoat will give you a smooth finish.

STEP 2: Once the base coat is THOROUGHLY dry, wash heavily with Gryphonne Sepia, paying special attention to the deeper receeses of the model. This part may require a second wash when dry.

STEP 3: Apply Denheb Stone to raised areas making sure the recesses are untouched (and stll dark).

STEP 4: Mix one part Skull White with two parts Denheb Stone and begin applying to ridges and raised areas. This process could become as detailed as you like, adding more Skull White to the mix and making the highlight areas smaller and smaller as the mix gets lighter.
First and second stage highlighting shown below.

REF: “company veteran”

As an additional note, if you want to do it the totally hardcore way have a look at this from From The Warp.