Infinity 101: TO Camo

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The miniature possesses, besides the Special Skill Camouflage, a Thermo-Optical mimetizing device. This is a system that curves the light around its bearer, rendering him almost invisible and erasing his thermal signature. This sophisticated device also diffuses any possible atmospheric turbulence that its bearer may provoke and prevents his detection by radar or sonar.

It’s a skill that can cause confusion for players that are starting out, especially in the deployment phase.

Reading this skill always makes me think about Ghost In The Shell and the thermo-optic camouflage (TO Camo) used by Mayor Kusanagi. Using it in the Infinity game can be an awesome exercise in psychological warfare (below). It can also be tricky around how to deploy.

The Combined Army use some TO Camo, the Anathematic, Noctifiers, Malignos and the mechanised troop, the Sphinx. That’s right, CA fans, we have a TO Camo TAG with Multiterrain, Climbing Plus, a Spitfire and 2 Heavy Flamethrowers!

  • TO Camo models deploy as part of your normal deployment ie. they are just another model in the army.
  • A model with TO Camo can be deployed hidden and their location noted down or take a picture of their location.
  • If deployed as a hidden troop, the TO Camo troop doesn’t contribute to the order pool until they are revealed.
  • TO Camo troops can also be held as a reserve troop (just like any other troop), and deployed as a marker or hidden.
  • However, unless your TO Camo troop also has the Infiltrate special skill, there is no deploying outside your deployment zone shenanigans! TO Camo makes you invisible, it doesn’t allow you to jump forward out of your deployment zone.

Now we look at the application of TO Camo and psychological warfare!

The TO Camo troop can deploy hidden and held in reserve. Deployment takes the form of a quick sketch of the table marking it’s position or photo taken with the model in place (including the facing). Most opponents are pretty forgiving about this, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You’ll probably find that it becomes habit after a while; a quick snap with a smart phone or camera helps to solve disputes.

Engage mind games now.

  • You could make a habit of taking a photo of the table even when you don’t have TO Camo troops; your opponent doesn’t get carte blanche when looking at your list, so lead them on a bit. The whole he does/he doesn’t or is it a TAG or heavy infantry under the marker questions are part of the fun in Infinity.
  • You could keep a stash of appropriate models off to the side of the table and deploy a TO Camo marker or two. During the game, you casually remind your opponent about the markers or hidden troops … somewhere on the board!
  • You could also extend this to it’s logical conclusion where you deploy your whole army as hidden and then let your opponent go first ….

DISCLAIMER: Some of these tactics, while in the spirit of the game, may not make you friends! Use with caution!!

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