Infinity Caskuda, why haven’t you got one?

Seriously. If you play Combined Army above 250 points invest in this bad boy!

In fact, I’ll wait while you go off and get one.

Okay, we’re back. As you can plainly see I am in love. This is one seriously awesome looking model. And it’s heavy enough that if your opponent beats you; you can always bludgeon them into submission with it!*

Looking at the Caskuda’s attributes in a bit of detail;

  • The Caskuda moves at 6-4. Given the way it is intended to be used, this is fine (see below).
  • Close Combat 18 is a monster and Ballistic Skill 15 is not so bad either. The stuff that really gets me excited is Physique stat of 17.
  • Tactics for the Caskuda involve using AD: Combat Jump deep into enemy lines, hopefully using Explode to hurt or even take out vital enemy models. Ideally, the lieutenant will be hanging around.
    The Caskuda’s Physique stat is used to figure out the success or failure of the combat drop onto the table. A 17 means failure above this number.

    The active player can deploy a miniature with AD: Combat Jump at any point during the battle. The figure spends 1 Order (His own, not one from the Orders Reserve) and makes a PH Normal Roll. If successful he deploys to any point on the table nominated by his owner, facing in any direction desired.

  • Fear standing in front of a HMG? Not with the Caskuda. Armour 8 really helps survive the inevitable fire that will be coming it’s way. In one round my Caskuda lost two Structure points only because I had ridicuously bad armour rolls; the Caskuda took fire from pretty well a whole Haqq army!
  • One skill that I totally forgot about was that Caskuda’s ECM. The ECM skill allows the Caskuda to deflect incoming guided projectiles harmlessly. It’s an “always on” skill that requires no Order and can be used as an ARO against enemy guided projectiles. An automatic save against incoming big guns? Yes, please!
  • Ghost Level 1: Remote Presence gives the Caskuda Level 1 – Courage.

    The miniature does not fear death and is completely ready to die if his duty calls for it. Courage avoids, without spending any Order, the WIP Roll that is compulsory after surviving the impact of a ballistic weapon but the figure does not wish to move to cover (The Guts Roll made after a successful ARM Roll). The figure is not required to keep his position if he does not want to.

    No backing down from a fight from this bad boy!

  • And speaking of fight, the Caskuda comes armed with a Multi HMG and a Heavy Flamthrower. The Multi HMG really allows for versatility taking out heavy troops with both armour piercing and explosive rounds available. The Caskuda can switch the ammo types between bursts too.
  • The Heavy Flamthrower with it’s large teardrop is great for taking out lightly armoured troops and the Fire Special rules mean that once your fail and ARM roll, you need to keep taking them until you pass.

The Caskuda is a 111 point, 3 SWC death dealing machine. Major incoming fire and bad armour saves will quickly drop his 3 Structure Points, but the ARM 8 definitely improves the Caskud’s survivability.
That aside, the one big threat to the Caskuda are Hackers. They can shut the Caskuda down (because it’s a T.A.G) and also hack the AD: Combat Jump forcing the Caskuda to perform an Emergency Jump (if the Caskuda fails a PH-9 roll, it follows the Combat Jump dispersion rules). AS long as it hits the table and is functional, the Caskuda is a great investment of points and pound for pound one of the nastiest models in the game!

Seriously. Have you got one yet??

* It is extremely unsportsman like to bludgeon your opponents into submission with your models. We, here, neither encourage or condone such behaviours. Even if they really, really deserve it.