Infinity Combined Army Caskuda I

I am trying as hard as I can not to over do it on the toy soldiers at the moment.
I am only mildly successful so far.
My local gaming club, HGC has really taken to Infinity in the last few months. The core rules are in second edition, but I didn’t know that the game has been around for five or so years!
infinity combined army caskuda
I was particularly taken with the Morat Sectional force from the Combined Army. When I saw the Caskuda, though, I knew that I had to have it. Paying close attention to the back, you will see that there are wings like an insect’s. They’ve made this possible by printing the wing on clear plastic, not unlike a blister pack to attach to the finished model! This thing is amazing; if nothing else, you can club your opponent unconscious with it because it’s so bloody heavy! The Caskuda is a beautiful model, but mine had some flash and mould lines left behind. Having recently bought a $20 multi-tool (you get what you pay for!), it was easy work to remove the excess flash and clean up the lines.
The Caskuda also needs pinning. The model is really very heavy and will fall apart with just Super Glue holding it together. The most difficult part to pin is the torso to the legs. Eventually, I just used Super Glue and hope that it will stay together.
infinity combined army caskuda
The Caskuda ships with it’s game legal 40mm base. If you really try, the model will stand on the base but there will definitely be overflow. As you can see, even with a built up base using cork tile and plasticard, you have to be very generous with the base to even get close to fitting the Caskuda on. As you can also see, I wasn’t!! The model really has a “just hit the ground and ready to kick ass” look to it and now I just need to figure out how to fit an one-hundred-and-eleven-death-dealing-machine-worth-3-SWC into a two hundred and fifty point list.

Oh, and then paint it too!

+++ Breaking news: I managed to get the Caskuda into a list. REF: Infinity Pool. If the list works the way I hope, the TAG and the Yaogat hit the table hard and the rest is just mopping up! +++