Wargame Scenery – Barriers and an Infinity Table

Back in my heyday, I used to be quite the big deal in the FPS scene. Much the same as I am quite the big deal in the Melbourne Warhammer scene. NB: Tongue FIRMLY planted in cheek at the start of the post.

I loved the Call of Duty series and particularly this map.

Shipment is a small map ideal for quick and short games, like Free For All, in Call of Duty 4. It was cut from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as it is found in the game files.

infinity shipment map terrain infinity shipment map terrain

This map would quickly degenerate into total carnage and mayhem, especially in Free For All. It didn’t have long term playability but was always good for an hour or so fun. Logically, how can this not translate into a Wargames table?!

Infinity, unlike most other games I have played, has a really heavy reliance on terrain and cover. I found this out when I left two Morat Vanguard troops out in the open and in range of a Heavy Machine Gun! Thanks, noakesy!

Looking above, the table is fairly feature laden with a mix of hills, depressions and a heap of containers spread across it. At the moment I am in the prototype phase of building. I have a rough idea about how to build the containers (toilet paper fun ensues) and have made some progress in making some simple barriers to scatter around the table and offer much needed cover.

There’s not much too them. The basic shape was traced out on 5mmm foam core, cut out and buttresses are glued to the front. The buttresses are made from the off cuts, cut to shape and the whole thing is PVA glued down to card stock to give it some strength. Moving forward, a light application of sand to finish before painting.

infinity tabletop game terrain infinity tabletop game terrain
Assault Space Marine used for scale

There is a big push for Infinity in the local scene, particularly at Hampton Games Club, where I hang out. People are developing some awesome scenery to go along with the game, for example, the following:

Todays efforts. Detailed the outside of the 3 buildings with 2mm card, and made all floors and ceilings for them too. All ceilings are easily removable too. Next step is the planter boxes to rim the rooves, finish off the walkways between buildings, and same for the walkway entering the back of the market complex.
infinity tabletop game terrain
REF: Infinity Austalia on Facebook – Colin Clarke

More update involving shipping containers and toilet paper soon! Thanks for reading!