Infinity terrain

Infinity is a futuristic, skirmish level game that really benefits from a terrain heavy table, the likes of which you can see below.

infinity terrain bplaser

Now THAT is a great looking table! As you can see, there are lots of line of sight blocking buildings, some cool barricades for cover, a few lanes of fire and even some multi-level action.

The game was played at Hampton Games Club by two of the miscreants there. I wasn’t one of them, regrettably.

Infinity scenery is popping up all over the place and some great work is being done by a number of manufacturers. Really high quality terrain is being made by laser cutting MDF with guys like BP Laser (pictured) really stepping up the production quality.

Shown in the picture are two of the double wide buildings, two storey modular buildings. Most interesting of all are the battle field accessories that BP Laser produce; bus stops, comm booths, walkways, roof top cooling units, bins, billboards and so on.

Although it ships unpainted and unassembled, the assembly instructions are clear and the scenery is easily painted using any normal acrylic paint. I am planning to experiment with cheaper craft paints rather than more expensive alternatives!

Also seen on the board are scenery pieces from Antenociti’s Workshop and Microarts. Additional scenery (the painted stuff!) is provided by Owen at Terrain for Hippos.

Other producers like Sarissa Precision also produce some really awesome futuristic scenery.

BP Laser are also an Australian manufacturer, and their prices are GENERALLY cheaper than getting things in from overseas. This table has approximately two hundred dollars worth of terrain on it, for example.

Now if they’d just move on and do some Malifaux themed scenery, I’d be over the moon!

Are there any scenery producers that I have over looked for Infinity? Comment below.

Infinity scenery resources:
BP Laser
CNC Workshop – Check out their awesome looking Desert Buggies
Antenociti’s Workshop
Micro Arts Studio
Sarissa Precision
Awesome Spanish paper Infinity Terrain

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