Infinity: the other, other world game.

Email with a 300 point ITS compliant list you’d typically play and get one back that is typical of someone else’s somewhere in the world. It’s not for sheep-stations, just some fun to see how others in the world play the same game you do.

While pursuing the Infinity Australia Facebook group (where all the cool kids hang out), I came across a post from Melbourne’s own Infinity Evil Genius, Porl that I feel deserves some attention from the SprueGrey Nation.

tl;dr Email with a 300 point ITS compliant list you'd typically play and get one back that is typical of someone else's somewhere in the world.


The idea is this. We’re going to get people from around the world who play this brilliant game to learn how other players around the world play. People will make a list each. It will need to be a 300pt ITS list that YOU YOURSELF WOULD PLAY (I’ll pick a mission it will be so that everyone knows what mission it’s for) and you’ll send it to me or one of my winged monkeys.

You’ll also let me know where you are in the world and what faction you play as your primary faction so I can start a database and sell that information to some marketing company and get filthy rich. Then I’ll send you a list, made by someone else in the world who isn’t in the same city as you, for a faction that isn’t your primary faction. You’ll have a game with this list, and hopefully, put a bat-rep up here telling us what the list was and how it all went, thoughts comments etc…

There’s a few reasons for wanting to do this. Everyone’s meta is different. Hell, the different groups in Melbourne play stuff very differently even so I thought it would be pretty interesting to see what other people around the world use. But there won’t be notes on how you use your list. The player who gets it, will need to try to run it how THEY would think it should be run. Hopefully, this will have a couple of different outcomes for people.

  1. I hope people will try new things out. New factions, new sectorials, troops and loadouts they’ve never used or thought about taking. If you get a list, it’s cause SOMEONE out there thinks that’s a list worth taking. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new love for an army you never thought about trying!
  2. I’m hoping it will actually bring the Infinity community together a bit more. I’m not saying we’re divided, but we’ve been talking about this on the Infinity Australia FB group and there’s been a whole lot of interest in seeing how it goes as a countrywide idea, then someone asked if they could get a list sent to England, so why the fuck not?
  3. I like thinking that people think I have great ideas, even tho I can’t take the credit for this one (that goes to the glorious Sydney pricks but I’ll take the credit anyway).

Now, obviously, there would be some problems with doing this. If you get a list for something that you don’t play, you won’t have the minis for it (probably).

Get over it.
Borrow them from a friend at a club.

In the grand scheme of world issues, this really should be pretty easy to solve. The list you got says take 3 Fusileers, but you only play Yu Jing? Take 3 Celestial Guard. I must be a genius! Just make sure you write out both for you and your opponent a really clear list on what is proxying as what and you should be fine.

This isn’t a competition.

It’s a chance to have some fun games trying out something new from somewhere else around the world. The only condition is that you have to run the list EXACTLY AS YOU GET IT. No swapping the combat groups around or swapping that sniper rifle for a HMG cause there’s enough SWC left. Someone wrote the list that way and that’s the way you’ll play it. This is why I can tell you that your list of 47 Galwegians and Wallace can go get f*cked and isn’t being sent to someone. It needs to be a list that you would legitimately run.

This post is to get you thinking about this now. I’m planning on doing this in Feb’ cause I’m going to be a busy little mofo for the rest of Jan and I’ll need to work out how the fuck something like this happens, So just totally winging this, I’m going to say email me at if you want in to this. I will need a 300pt list for Quadrant Control. Secondary missions will be generated when you play as usual when the game starts.

If you want to be part of this, I will need your email by Sunday 6th Feb. You need the list, who you are and where the hell you are in the world. I only need a city and country. I’ll keep lists of who gets what lists and if you like, say on your email if you would like to hear from the person who gets your list AFTER they have played it. You might make some new friends, but that part won’t be compulsory.

I will send the lists that I get out over the following week and then people will have a week from that point to play a game with it and post up a battle report.

If you want in, email and it will find it’s way to Porl.

I think this is a great idea and could easily apply across multiple systems.

It’s not for sheep-stations, just some fun to see how others in the world play the same game you do.

Maybe, you’ve not checked out Infinity yet and this could be a great chance to get in “at the ground floor” and try the game too!