The Joys of Salvage!

Yarrr! Arrr! Wait. This is not an article related to raiding container ships in the Gulf of Yemen..

I’d like to share my experience with the joys of salvaging old miniatures.

Building and painting minatures is a big part of my hobby life, and I bet it is for the many readers who read these blogs too, saving up all your coin and heading down to your local store and buying the that special model youve been waiting days/weeks for. Its a great feeling!

Yet for some of us hobbyists we try to improvise in the way we get our models. This is where I come in.

For me finding second hand minatures and restoring them is a joy for me. Picking up a box of ‘bits’ or ‘toy soldiers’ to those who have no idea what we do makes me squee with excitement inside when this happens.

Heres an example of finding an army thats been put away for someone to restore!

Heres an example of finding an army thats been put away for someone to restore in boxes

I’ve been fortunate in the past to some some real gems. This could range from an old bits box that supposedly just had some ‘parts’ in there to discovering there was and entire unassembled army of Space Marines!

Stripping down crappy painted models and refurbishing them with a good paintjob is a rewarding experience for me. My rule of thumb is ‘the thicker the paint, the easier it comes off’ (note this mainly applies to models painted in acrylic paints) but usually if it’s a metal model some good ol’ paint stripper will do the job just fine.

These days we are quite lucky to have lots of wargaming forums and online trading sites that have lots of people selling things off, these could range from obscure models to entire armies that were collected in their youth and now sit in a shed somewhere gathering dust waiting for savvy buyers to pick them up for a bargain.

Ive recently started looking in ‘Op Shops’ (opportunity shops) again where sometimes in some really rare cases you can find some real gems. Years ago I remember walking into an op shop and finding a complete box of ‘Battle Masters’! At the time getting into the hobby and trying to find whatever figures I could find was a priororty. You could imagine the excitement when old Flo says, ‘Oh, thats only 5 dollars for that game’. I was grinning like the cheshire cat! Take my money, thankyou very much!

Online sites ie. Ebay, Gumtree and the like, can harbour some real goodies too. These days people are alot more switched on and it’s getting rarer to find those diamonds, but keep looking you never know!

Righto thats enough waffling for me for now. Hope you enjoyed this article.

aka Skullworks Painting