Karak Soulreaper – Chaos Lord of the Red Corsairs

A twisted character from the Red Corsairs comes to life
Clanging steps thundered across the confines of the cargo hold, as the Chaos Space Marine strode along the raised walkway. Flickering downlights haphazardly illuminated his terrible form as he walked, and his cloak billowed behind him. His features were strong and cruel, and made even more fearsome by the fact that there were two halves to his face. One half was normal, the other was pale and ragged, pulled taut by a series of staples down the centre of his skull.

Red Corsair Chaos Lord

Karak Soulreaper looked down into the slave pit, sneering at the filthy humans cowering before him. The slaves prostrated themselves on the floor, grovelling in their own waste and food scraps. Fear of the wrath of the Red Corsair Lord was more powerful than any thoughts of their own health or pride… except for one. Perhaps malnourished and unaware of his actions, or maybe with a wish for death to end his suffering, one slave foolishly raised his head to glance at Karak. The half of the Chaos Lord’s mouth that still worked curled in a cruel smile. He drew his sword, and leapt down into the pit.

There was a terrible squelch as he landed on a rag-clad female, unfortunate enough to have been in the way as his massive armoured form had landed on the deck. All the slaves scurried quickly back towards the corners of the pit, attempting to put as much distance between themselves and the Red Corsair. However, Karak reached out with preternatural speed and grasped the foolish slave by the neck. The Chaos Marine raised the slave off his feet with one gauntleted hand, until they were face to face. A terrible keening began, an otherwordly sound that seemed to be coming from the sword that was now writhing in Karak’s other hand.

Red Corsair Chaos Lord

After a brief moment, the Soulreaper spoke, “”This one will do.”” He switched his grip to the slave’s hair, and in one fluid motion decapitated the slave, letting the headless body fall to the decking. With a reverse grip he then used the sword to slice through the skin on the head from the chin to the back of its neck. Karak sheathed his sword, and grasped the head in two hands. With a sickening rip he peeled the skin from one half of the skull, dropping the remains on the floor.

The Chaos Lord vaulted back out of the pit in one giant leap. He peeled off the ragged skin stapled to his head, revealing the twisted, scarred wounds that disfigured fully half of his face. Four ridges could be vaguely made out amongst the mass of scar tissue – the enduring echo of the lightning claw swipe that had caused such horrific wounding. Karak Soulreaper grinned cruelly to himself again, and the lipless, dead side of his mouth twisted to show a grimace of sharpened teeth. “”Ah… A new face.””

Red Corsair Chaos Lord

As the Red Corsair’s footsteps clanged back down the raised walkway, the slaves lucky enough to be left alive huddled together. They sobbed silently, tears streaking their dirty cheeks, knowing that one day, the same fate – to be worn as the face of their captor – would eventually become their own.