Kill Count 2010 – Countdown to extinction

Well, I got my list submitted for Kill Count. I’ve actually completed a 1750 point army AND managed to play test it a bit against Brad ( There are a few details still to complete *cough* Rhino headligts *cough* but wouldn’t you know it, life gets in the way!

I am utterly devoted to my family and, although I enjoy my toy soldiers, everything else comes in a distant second to them.

So, due to family commitments, I am unable to attend. It’s a bit of a bummer as Kill Count 2010 is run by (now) ex-GW staffer Sam “Panda” Grant and it would have been nice to support a mate.

There’s always next year and from the look of things Kill Count has drawn quite a crowd; I don’t think it will be disappearing anytime soon.

On the actual hobby front, I am enjoying the mash-up that my Dark Eldar are becoming. The rumours fly thick and fast around the internet about a new Codex that’s due out in October. So, if I get my butt into gear, I may just have an “army” ready to go for the new Codex!

At the moment, I am smashing together Dark Elves, which seem to be the logical choice, and Reaver Jetbikes that I managed to acquire cheap off WargamerAU. I’m pretty impressed with the way these two armies so easily come together. I’m also experimenting with Ghouls and guns, to help carry on Tim’s established theme. My take on it is “The Lunatics Running the Asylum”.

Pictures to follow soon, I promise!