Learning something new

Maria Armstrong Golden Daemon Finalist

Painted 2011, Golden Demon Finalist.

I have been miniature painting ever since my husband (then brand new boyfriend) tried to entice me into his hobby by buying me a box of Wood Elves, about 16 years ago.

I painted, somewhat halfheartedly, with little instruction, and was very disappointed in my attempts. The initial box of Glade Guard was followed by various miniatures over the years to tempt me further into this hobby of miniature painting, and I think he hoped gaming too.

I will profess now that I’m not particularly a gamer, I enjoy the odd game here and there, but I wouldn’t call myself a gamer, I’m much more of a hobbyist. I speak to so many people who say they feel it if they can’t get a game in each week at least, I’ve never had that feeling, however I do notice if life has managed to get in the way of hobby.

Maria Armstrong Golden Daemon Finalist demented games

M’Dusa by Demented Games. Painted May 2014

About 6 years ago my husband and I started a hobby shop, focussing on miniatures games. At the time we started I still wasn’t particularly involved in the hobby, I liked the idea, but had no idea where to start.

We were lucky enough to have a group of painters ask to have their painting days at our store, and so I met the OzPainters of Victoria. The first meet, I took one look at their work and my mind was on fire! This was what it meant to really paint a miniature! I desperately wanted to learn what they knew. I asked so many stupid questions, I’m certain they thought I was crazy, but I learnt in leaps and bounds. I would go home after one of their meets and just paint and paint, trying technique after technique.

Like most hobbyists I have read tutorials and watched YouTube videos. I clarified recently at a class run by Meg Maples, that I learn best when someone can show me in person different techniques, and more importantly, I can ask those really stupid questions.

The reason I write this, is because I’m sure that no matter who you are and what level you paint at, there is always going to be someone you look up to, or a technique that you’d really like to learn.

It is worth asking the questions you feel might be stupid, or make you feel like a crazy person. It’s also worth attempting various learning styles to find out how you learn best. There is a common thread in anything I do, particularly hobby, it starts with the question, is there someone who can do this better than me (the answers is always going to be yes), so, what can I learn from them?

My final thoughts for this first post of mine is that in life and hobby we are always learning and evolving, and if we aren’t we need to set ourselves a challenge to learn something new, I have plans to learn many new things this year and I hope you join me on the journey of my hobbying evolution.

Maria Armstrong Golden Daemon Finalist PP Deathwalker

PP Deathwalker. Painted 2012