Make your own Power Scythe for Deathshroud Terminator

Building Post Heresy Deathshroud Terminator hasn’t been impossible so far.
The big challenge is the Deathshroud’s iconic power scythe. In game terms, it’s a power weapon (by my reckoning). Actually finding them is the hard bit.

nurgle deathshroud terminator power scythe

Typhus’ weapon is a perfect fit for what is required. Once one is sourced the process is pretty simple.

You’ll need some basic modelling tools and some time.

nurgle deathshroud terminator power scythe

To build the power scythe you’ll need:

  • Green Stuff (or equivalent)
  • Hobby knife
  • Poiny device (awl)
  • Template to use as “rolling pin”
  • Water or Vaseline used as lubricant
  • Tooth pick for use as haft
  • Super Glue. Most of the things that need to be glued are best stuck together with Super Glue.
  1. Not much Green Stuff is needed, only a small ball about the size of a Space Marine’s head.
    deathshroud terminator power scythe
  2. Start rolling the Green Stuff flat. Using something as a “rolling pin”, make it as thin as possible (see below)
    deathshroud terminator power scythe
  3. Once the Green Stuff is rolled out, roll it flat into a ribbon a couple of millimetres thick. Water or Vaseline is really helpful here to make sure the ribbon doesn’t stick to either the rolling pin or the surface it is rolled out on.
  4. Leave the Green Stuff somewhere to cure for about twenty minutes. Let me help you avoid rookie mistakes: put the curing Green Stuff somewhere you WON’T accidentally put your elbow in it (LONG story).
    deathshroud terminator power scythe
  5. After it’s cured, begin winding the Green Stuff around the toothpick. By gently stretching while you wind, the Green Stuff can be made even thinner. Breaks are possible, but using the awl or hobby knife reattach it. The overall effect should result in leather wrapping around the weapon’s haft.
    deathshroud terminator power scythe
  6. After wrapping the haft, place the finished product somewhere to complete the curing process. Ref: the previous warning about elbows!
    deathshroud terminator power scythe
  7. Drill a pin hole into the head of the scythe, using a paperclip or it’s like, glue it into the hole. Then drill a corresponding hole into the finished haft. Don’t glue the head to the haft until you’re satisfied with the scale and the fit to the miniature.
    deathshroud terminator power scythe

The finished product and the measurements for scale.

nurgle deathshroud terminator power scythe Finished Deathshroud Terminator power scythe

You can see here, that the haft is wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-y too long compared to the miniature. The hand holding the scythe is modelled towards the top of the weapon and not easy to cut out. However, the solution is pretty simple and only involves cutting down the haft to a more suitable length. Then, once the length of the power scythe is correct, glue it to the power scythe’s head.

Now you have a suitable Deathshroud Terminator power scythe and also solved the head conundrum, the only thing left is an appropriate firearm and sticking it all together to produce a Post Heresy version of this:

deathshroud terminator forge world

Taken from the Forge World website