Malifaux, fo’ sho.

Getting mah Malifaux back on. At the moment.

During Black Friday, I got all excited about Malifaux again. After picking up a few of the new models and requisite rules etc. from my FLGS I started to reassemble my Gremlins. My crew is very focussed on the more … porcine elements of the Gremlin arsenal. I am a huge fan of the Warpig sculpt from the original Malifaux range and will be interested to see how the new models pan out when compared.

So far, the plastic Malifaux figures I have played with have been remarkably well detailed and only slightly less fiddly to put together than your average Infinity figure!

In fact, I was so impressed, I made a video …

of me reviewing Malifaux figure, thanksyewverymuch.

Whilst continuing the Malifaux theme, podcasts are a great way to get excited about a game and listen to while you’re painting. There are now TWO Malifaux podcasts in and around Melbourne. The Red Jokers and Unfauxcast. Both are very interesting and their undoubted on-going success will be a great indicator of how Malifaux is growing in and around Melbourne.

Faux on, my boys, faux on! Or, to quote someone else, “Hur, hur, hur. Ged ‘im, Ma!”

wife laid up in hospital

My wife has a bulging disc. Emergency department admission. Bring it on 2016, you bitch!

And this is where my hobby time has been going. Between work and looking after my family, there is no time for hobby in 2016. Once we get our private health insurance figured out, that will all change, everything will be peachy keen again and I can get back to rolling dice in anger!

I haven’t even had time to get The Golden D6 issue two finished! Sheesh!