Malifaux Outcasts – A Tale of a Malifool pt.2

I’m really excited about Som’er Teeth Jones and his motley crew of Gremlins!

First on the table is the mighty Warpig! A giant pig screaming across the battlefield with a gremlin holding on for dear life? What’s not to love? The only downside that I can see? Warpigs have a force allowance of one.

Anyway, my son and I were putting the mighty porker together this morning, and came across a small problem:

Oh no! Warpig hasn’t been cast perfectly. After a fair amount of swearing and some epoxy putty (Procreate), I was able to sculpt up some mane and the underside to fill up the gaps. I haven’t worked with Procreate for a while. Unlike Green Stuff, it’s a lot more forgiving, takes a little longer to cure (you can work with for longer), and retains it shape really well once dried.

So, crisis averted and a pretty neat sculpting job out of the deal too!

Now gremlins come from the swamp. Such a subtle segue into ….

Another basing tutorial!

I haven’t gone all out on these bases because I was building them with my six year old son. With miniatures as small as the gremlins an overly elaborate base is going to draw attention away from the model beneath it.

The process is pretty straight forward:

  • I bought some Jovi air dry clay AGES ago. For making a great basis for “earth”. Smash some down as a basis.
  • Bits of stuff. Swamp is a nice idea, but that much water effects is annoying to use. So I get some ice cream sticks, some match sticks, toothpicks, bamboo skewers and a few resin tree trunks lying around.
  • Press the sticks and tree trunks into the clay to form the “detail” for the base. The raised platform that Som’er Teeth is standing on is an experiment in amateur carpentry in miniature scale. There are any number of references out there showing pictures of decrepit docks etc. and it’s not an impossible effect to replicate from match sticks.
    NB: Air dry clay is entirely non-adhesive. This means the ice cream sticks, match sticks and so forth will not stick in the clay. Super glue is my preferred method for sticking the “detail” back onto the clay once it has dried.

That’s about it. Encouragement from a spectating six year old son helped, but there’s not a real lot of work involved, but once painted in suitably dingy and dark colours, the swamp will come to the tabletop!