Malifaux – Resurrectionists

It’s a bit of a bug, and I seem to have been bit; by the Resurrectionists, particularly.

For those who haven’t seen or heard about it, it’s based in an alternate Earth. It brings together elements of gothic, steampunk, Victorian horror and a smattering of Wild West for good measure.

Unlike traditional wargames, Malifaux doesn’t rely on dice for its mechanics. Malifaux relies on a standard deck of playing cards, a Fate Deck, to determine the success (or failure) of action taken by characters.

It’s very much a skirmish based game with typically four to six miniatures allowing for a quick and potentially brutal game.

malifaux ressurectionist starter

The Resurrectionists are pretty awesome, they’re abhorred, shunned, hunted, dangerous and feared. Rightly so as they delve into a dark and evil art. An art so abhorrent that it causes an upset in Nature’s balance. Something whispers madness inducing secrets; the Resurrectionists listen.

malifaux ressurectionist nicodem master

The only criticism is the weapons; they’re just a little on the inadequate side. Having said that, I come from the Warhammer world where all weapons are insanely oversized!

malifaux ressurectionist mortimer grave digger
And a grave digger. The original is swinging a spade, but a bloody big scythe? Who am I to resist?

More to come soon, including the thing that sold me; Samurai Zombie Punks!

Found this:
Crew builder. Awesome.