March Madness – First real update and an excuse

Melbourne’s weather conspires against my painting goals by offering up a week of stupidly hot temperatures. Apparently Autumn is starting with a last blast of Summer’s heat. Painting isn’t impossible, just difficult as paint dries rather quickly on the palette, even thinned with water!

Meteorological conspiracies aside, I have made some progress on my March challenge.

First up, the Morat infantry.

I have started blocking out the colours on the rest of the Morat Infantry, as well as finishing the highlighting of the blue and glazing some yellow over the pants to try and smooth the transition a bit. I’m still not 100% convinced by the colour choice of the pants, but I’ve committed to it now, so it will have to work!
It turns out that my smart phone isn’t. Better pictures in the next update, I promise!

Work on the aliens involved cleaning up the paint scheme of the Charontid and the Malignos. I applied a wash to one of the Malignos’ yellow in preparation for the next stage of highlighting.

Maybe it’s time to look at a wet palette, if only to keep my paint wet for a bit longer! Stupid Melbourne weather …

And for those looking for a bargain; more ebay goodness …