March Madness – The looming storm

The goal is to get some work done on my, now, Combined Army force. Originally the plan was to collect and build a Morat Aggression force; and, as you know, no plan survives contact with the enemy. Especially in the face of the beautiful models that Corvus Belli are putting out all the time!!

Before the month starts, it seems wise to inventory what is on the list. I’m not going to lie to you: some of the figures in the list are already painted or have paint applied to them. I’m going to have to work out a playable list as more things get finished too.

On to the inventory (descending state of painting finished):

The Daturazi Witch Soldiers. The only three models in the whole collection that are fully painted and completely based. You’d be forgiven for thinking it odd to paint them first; because it was. The Morat Vanguard unit, as normal line troopers, seem a more logical choice. There was something very appealing in the Daturazi that saw them being painted first.

The Morat Vanguard Infantry are the line troopers. They’re armed with Combi Rifles, they don’t do anything amazing in the game apart from contribute orders! The paint scheme is a reversal of the Daturazi. It’s important to have a consistent paint scheme across an army, but there has to be enough give to allow for some variance. There is one complete model and the rest need work. I think these guys will get finished early on.

The start of the non-Morat part of the Morat force. By using the pure Combined Army list and not the Sectorial Force, the Charontids and two Malignos are usable. The Combined Army boxset came with the Carontid and one Malignos. Having dumped SWC into a Morat Lieutenant for no real benefit, eighty one points of more survivable lieutenant who can also transfer his lieutenant-ship to another model when he dies seems to make more sense. On top of that, Malignos TO Camo snipers who infiltrate? Yes, please.

Yaogat Sniper, Morat with Heavy Machine Gun and a Zerat hacker (for just in case)! Three snipers is probably a bit much, and a Combined Army hacker. They’re great looking models. Both have their limitations, but they’re GREAT looking!!

The Yaogat Strike Infantry is an elite assault unit with the ability to execute commando-type operations. The boxset was on sale from Realm of Legends. I am still trying to figure out where to fit them in a list.

Ah, the Caskuda? A big, expensive points sink or the most brilliant model ever to grace a gaming table?
infinty caskuda assembled

This stuff is still in blister and entirely untouched … my shame know no limits!! The astute reader will see a number of more alien specialist heavy troops, a ninja assassin and another almost TAG in there.

combined-army-noctifers combined-army-void-operators combined-army-speculo-killer
combined-army-anathematics combined-army-vector-operators  

Just to note, the total models above are significantly greater than most points levels for games. Typically, Infinity games are two hundred and fifty to three hundred points. It’s nice to have some choice.

I may have bitten off more than I can chew …

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