March Madness – Wrap Up

Not the frenetic activity I was planning on. A combination of brutal late summer heat, work commitments and real life helped me get a massive three models painted in March.

The Painter’s Pledge remains embarrassing. In fact, it’s more so because I bought a heap of additional Combined Army figures before starting.

For those that are keeping score, here are the two other articles that track my descent into madness and, unfortunately, failure.
Part One
Part Two

From my experience I take away a couple of things.
1) Wet palettes are awesome for keeping paint alive in the heat!
2) I really need to plan these things out a lot better, and at the very least have a more detailed schedule and an idea of what the goal is.

There is still a huge pile of toy soldiers sitting on the table, but I am in a better place with that and can start organising better for my next big paintathon … because painting more than three models in a month should be suuuuuuuch a challenge!

And for those looking for a bargain; more ebay goodness …