Melbourne Wargaming blogs

Ripping the idea directly from The Fields of Blood comes the definitive list of Melbourne Wargaming Blogs!!
First up, the bastions of the Melbourne Warhammer 40000 scene, War All the Time (WATT). These guys are most famous for building, arguably, the most kick ass tournament in the Southern Hemisphere, the Arcanacon Warhammer 40000 tournament!

  • Faith and Steel – WATT’s campaign blog, where tales of daring do (and probably a lot of boasting and name calling) take place.
  • Munitorium Depot – The sister site to Faith and Steel, contains pictures and army lists from WATT
  • Flying Gorilla – Kosta Herko’s blog. Kosta is one of the sculpting madmen behind Eureka Minis and does some great work!
  • Orient Express Writers – the blog of Mark Morrison, granddaddy of the Melbourne 40K scene. Now also writing for Call of Cthulhu.
  • Painting and Chillies – Steve has been a part of Arcanacon for nearly twenty years, either as a player or as a painting judge. He’s a bit of a machine when it comes to pushing out amazing looking armies. In particular, a Dark Eldar army with the Raiders and Ravagers modelled as 17th century sailing ships, with working rigging! Display board with fine Aussie beach sand, models bases blended into the sand.
  • T’leroth’s easily distracted painting blog – Ian, whilst not technically a Melbournite, is still a stalwart member of WATT

And onwards with the cavalcade!
First up, personal blogs:

  • The Land of Misfit Toys – Brad is a hobby machine!
  • Terrain For Hippos – Owen’s site is an amazing resource for making terrain for wargames and seeking inspiration for your own terrain projects.
  • Hoodling’s Hole – a Warhammer Fantasy blog with some great tactical articles.
  • The 5th Column – JP is another great painter on the Melbourne scene and has started branching out into historical gaming as well. He maintains the blog with his mate Harley who is, and I quote, “the ultramarines nut I have to contend with- I think he has a picture of Mat Ward up in his bedroom”.
  • RubbishInRubbishOut – Youtube Viv used to run the Battle Bunker store and has been a massive help to the general Wargaming community in Melbourne
  • Cappuccino Gaming – The about page says, 25 yo Female Melbourne, Australia
    Always interesting to see a female perspectiveon this crazy hobby of ours.
  • Short Shorts and Paint Brushes – Nick “Strength 2.5” Gentile has entered the blogosphere. Well, there goes the neighbourhood!
  • Back in Drew’s Day – Drew is another Hampton regular and has some mad hobby skills.
  • Nanotanks – Focusing on the Dust Warfare game, there’s some great stuff on here.
  • Rusty Magos – Tom paints Imperial Fists amazingly! The undisputed Master of Yellow!
  • Den of Eternal Youth – Nick is another Hamptonite who doesn’t blog as often as he should!
  • Knights of Dice – We are super exciting to begin our journey as a miniature, casting and game production company (proudly Australian!) with the acquisition of these two miniature ranges.
  • BBDave blogs Warmachine – BBDave is something of royalty in the Warmahordes fraternity.
  • Skullworks Painting – The painting commission service of our very own Rick

Next up, gaming clubs. Where like minded individuals collect to pursue gentlemanly past times.

Tournaments next in the list.

  • Ark 40K

Finally, podcasts

  • Beware of The Dwellers Below. They do an awesome Warhammer podcast and if seen should be considered loud and smelly.
  • Australia’s premier Bolt Action podcast, LRDG.
  • Melbourne’s own Big Hobby Hustlers, podcast (Facebook Page).

These resources are all I could find, surely there must be more?! If you run a blog or a club in the Melbourne, Australia area, leave a comment and I will add it to the list!