Merry Christmas from Games Workshop

Is this the precursor to some amazing new stuff from Games Workshop? I choose to be cautiously optimistic about the resurrection of the Specialist Games.

This image is floating around at the moment:

games workshop specialist games

As an eternal optimist, I have this to say:

Let’s be honest, Games Worksop hasn’t done much for me as a die hard fan for a while. And nor should they: they’re a manufacturer of high quality table top miniatures and a supporting rule set that a majority of their customers don’t play (as per the somewhat damning investor’s report via Fields of Blood). The company is publicly listed and answers, ultimately, to shareholders. More sales, more profit, more happy shareholders, etc.

I’m pretty important (just ask me and I’ll tell you), but even the reduction in spending that I’ve had in the last couple of years wouldn’t make even a dent on the bottom line of the Games Workshop juggernaut. Honestly, I’m not their demographic. The ideal customer (or avatar if you’re into marketing type stuff) is a teenage kid who hasn’t discovered beer and girls yet who has access to bucket loads of spare time and Mummy and Daddy’s discretionary spending.

Get the kid into the store, get them to empty their wallets, get them out. Get the next kid in. Rinse, repeat. It’s a sad truth. I’d like to think otherwise but that would be silly.

So what is one jaded old gamer to make of this? As I said, I’m cautiously optimistic. The return of some of the fan favourites like Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordheim and so on? Yes, please. I’ve still got a Cawdor gang hanging around somewhere along with a Skaven warband and at least two Blood Bowl teams. Oh wait, I’m already out of the demographic. I already have models to play the newly resurrected games. My spend on new stuff is very likely to be minimal if they even give me the slightest in-road. Sure, I’ll pick up a rulebook and a couple of new models, but I won’t be investing significantly, will I?

games workshop specialist games resurrected

Oh Maria, my mighty heart is breaking.

IF I were really, really, really cynical, I’d say that Games Workshop is making a stand against the massive influx of smaller skirmish style games both sci-fi and fantasy and they are hitting us right in our nostalgia to get back into the market. The Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordheim and other specialist game brands are dead easy scores for them on marks like me.

Bringing them back as I remember them though, isn’t going to make me part with my hard earned. So it’ll have to be something super impressive to burn away my cynical veneer. I have both Blood Bowl computer games, the PSP version and Mordheim though; maybe I’m not the cynical, old bastard that I think I am.

I honestly hope that it is the precursor to some amazing stuff from Games Workshop, but choose to be cautiously optimistic about the resurrection of the Specialist Games.

+++ UPDATE +++

games workshop specialist games resurrected confirmed

In other news, the above graphic has also been seen in the Warhammer App! Let the good time roll.