More fun with resin

On the weekend I had a “friendly” game of Warhammer 40000 with Mr. Noakes at the Hamton Games Club. And in the course of the game, I noticed another opportunity to mess around with resin casting.

The game was 1750 points; Sisters of Battle versus Grey Knights. I am not going to go into detail of the game, it’s enough to know that Sisters of Battle truly suck in hand-to-hand combat and it was only by Acts of Faith that I was able to hang around for more than a round. There were a LOT of power weapons coming my way!

The Sisters of Battle generate Faith at the start of the game that can be used to perform various miracles like Divine Guidance (all wounding shots of 6 become AP1) etc.

Historically, I have kept track of faith by keeping count on dice and in the heat of battle as the bullet fly a soldier of the Emperor may forget exactly how many faith they have left. So, to aid in memory and given my new found resin skills ( I decided that there had to be an easier alternative.

The Fleur de Lys features heavily in the Sisters of Battle iconography and it’s a relatively easy design to make. After finding my outline, I move to my favourite medium; plasticard! In my last foray into resin, there was not a lot of detail in the cast. This time there are more fiddly bits to work with, particularly the “stems” of the flowers and there was a bit of mucking around to get the stems properly placed.

As a long time player, I had an abundance of spare round bases and decided to use this as the basis of my mould. By liberally spreading plastic glue in the place where my design would sit, I found there was just enough time to maneuver it into place before the glue dries. The only problem is that the glue eats into the plastic as it dries, so my Fleur de Lys has an eaten away appearance around the edges of the design.

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, it was quick work with a modelling tool when making the mould out of Procreate (to try something different) to add a “weathered” look to the counter.
And the finished product:
resin Warhammer 40000 counters

I’m still learning about the proper mixing and curing of resin, but I am pretty happy with the first three that were produced. By my estimations, ten will just about cover it and I hope I have the process down pat by the time I am finished!