Movember 2013 – The Mo-en-ing

This came as a shock to me, but, statistically, 100% of men die!

Falling off ladders, fixing electrical work, using their private parts as piranha bait, suicide, prostate cancer, testicular cancer all contribute to this alarming statistic.

We can’t cure male idiocy, but mental illness and research into cancer should be preventable deaths.

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You may be a man or may know someone who is or was at one time a man. Donate during Movemeber to help men’s health.

In fact, many great gamers have moustaches

  • Dave Taylor does amazing things and he is growing a mo! And looks pretty darned suave doing it.
  • Andy Chambers was a lowly warehouse packer until he grew a mo and look at how well that worked out!
  • Rick Priestly is a mo bro. ‘Nuff said
  • HG Wells practically invented tabletop wargaming and he was as mo-ed as!
  • Mike McVey is un-mo’d and that has lead to things like this happening!

87% of all gamers who grow mo’s in Movember win all their games!

So, I encourage you the share this post and donate to a mo-gamer in Movember!