Musings on the Sisters

Well, Arcanacon has come and gone and the goldend6 mascot was nowhere to be seen. This shall not be true of Conquest (

Forsooth and verily shall the Sisters be there and shall layeth the smacketh down on all the Heretics.

Conquest is 1500 points and in the days that follow (especially after tomorrow night’s games!!) I will post the list I intend to take and some thoughts on it too!!

Keep watching the skies …

The army was thus (at 1500 points),
Cannoness – Inferno pistol, Blessed weapon, Jump pack, Rosarius
12 girls – 2 Meltas, VSS w/bolt pistol and CCW
12 girls – 2 Stormbolters, VSS w/bolt pistol and CCW
12 girls – Flamer, Heavy Flamer, VSS w/bolter-flamer and CCW
10 Stormtroopers – Vetran w/Powersword and plasma pistol and 2 meltas
8 Seraphim – VSS w/Eviscerator and bolt pistol, 2 Inferno pistols
8 Retributors – VSS w/bolter, 4 Heavy Bolters
1 Exorcist w/ Extra armour and smoke launchers
1 Exorcist w/ Extra armour and smoke launchers

The Sisters of Battle remain a medium range army. There is a LOT of whap to be handed out once someone gets within 12″. Their survivability in Hand to hand is bolstered only by Faith points.

The Acts of Faith remain a bone of contention with me at the moment. Divine guidance seems to become even more valued once in HTH. Apart from that, only use it on the Heavy Bolters. Expecting to get this one off on a big unit of girls with bolters is a realistic expectation, but I believe the Faith would be better used in other places. ie. keeping the Cannoness alive in HTH.

The Act of Faith that allows you auto rally broken troops is gold!! And it certainly surprised my Necron opponent when the broken Seraphim turned around and gunned down his Heavy Destroyer.

Up until now, I have been very reliant on the Retributors to hand out the smack. Last night they ran off the board in the second turn due to an unfortunate Leadership roll and an even more unfortunate Fall back roll. In all honesty, I thought the game was over at that point. However, the Sisters proved that they can survive with one of their most effective units blown away.

The interesting thing about last night is the awesome leveller that is powered armour! Also, any army that puts outs large numbers of shots (specifically Necrons) can whittle you down, if only through massive numbers of armour saves that statistically you have to start failing. I can see why little Horus is going to use them, that’s for sure!

What are you thinking of taking to 
Liber in your sisters army? I was thinking 
of adding sisters to your conquest list 
and make the seraphin two units... add a 
mini platton of guard with lascannons and 
a calidus assassin for liber? What do you 
think? Why is the book of St Lucious so good? 

In my Sisters army, I am planning on probably four units of girls. One with 2 Stormbolters, 1 with 2 meltas and two with flamer/Hvy flamer combos. The ubiquitous Retributors with Heavy Bolters and two Exorcists. Definately one BIG unit of sisters, if not two. Plus as many Eviscerators and Books of St Lucius as I can fit in. The Eviscerators for S6 chain fists and the book is used for, well, UNMODIFED LEADERSHIP!! Oh, you outnumber me and just beat 10000 colours of shit out of me? Well, I’m going to test on Ld9 ( 8 if the VSS has been killed)!! Duuuuuuuuuude!!

Definately an assassin. The Callidus is sister themey, but I’d LOVE to take an Eversor just for the HTH. Celestians always hit in HTH on a 3+ (noice!!!) but are STILL only S3. I am SERIOUSLY leaning towards Arco-flatulence as well.

And herein lies the challenge.

As soon as you include units that aren’t sisters, you are eating into your faith point totals AND you can’t use faith on those units either. So I would recommend their inclusion at your peril.

If you smell-la-la-la-la what the Rat has been eating.

28-02-2007 – Updated
08-04-2007 – Updated following conversation with Brad