New Combined Army Morat Unboxing

Corvus Belli have plans to release the third edition of Infinity later in 2014. Before the re-release (because of the re-release?), they are revisiting some of the range and releasing new sculpt of figures. The Morats are seeing a few new models first.

The old range were what first drew me into Infinity.

Old Morat Vanguard miniatures

The red-faced space monkeys were just irresistible.

The Combined Army are an amalgamation of alien races. They are united beneath the dominance of an Evolved Intelligence, an ancient but supreme artificial intellect with hegemonic aspirations with respect to any race that crosses its path.

The Combined Army play style is either very combat oriented; with high PH stats of Morats lending itself to a lot of dodging and lobbing smoke grenades to close with the enemy. Where the alien component like Malinos, the Anathematic and the Sphinx (a tag, nonetheless) offer some serious firepower and a heap of stealth.

The release of the new Morats really excited me and after a quick phone call to the Hall of Heroes and a chat and catch up with the friendly staff, including Matt Reichart (the owner) I had ordered three boxes of the new figures.

Combined Army Morat Unboxing Combined Army Morat Unboxing

The figures were well packed by the Hall of Heroes staff and arrived safe and sound. The actual Morat miniatures, just like the previous sculpts are also packed in boxes lined with foam to protect them.
In a fit of economic over-excitement, my order included all of the new miniature boxed sets: Morat Vanguard Infantry, Morat Aggression Force and the Daturazi Witch Soldiers. The previous boxed sets were a mix and match of Aliens, like the Malignos, and the Morats. Now the Morat Aggression Force sectorial gets it’s own box set.
Pure Morat aggression!
Combined Army Morat Unboxing Combined Army Morat Unboxing Dāturazi Witch Soldiers
The figures are spectacularly detailed. Much like the rest of the Corvus Belli Infinity range, there is craftsmanship in the production of the new range. The new Morats appear a lot more menacing than the previous sculpts. There are, as you’ll see below, a couple of surprises though.
Thankfully, there is minimal flash on the miniatures and a few bits of excess casting. This is nothing that can’t be easily cleaned up with scalpel and file.
Combined Army Morat Unboxing Dāturazi Witch Soldiers Dāturazi Witch Soldiers

Let’s put them next to each other. I was really surprised that, despite the appearances, the new Morats aren’t significantly bigger than the original sculpts.
Dāturazi Witch Soldiers
The pictures of the new miniatures that I had seen before look a lot bulkier and physically larger than the old miniatures. I’m not disappointed though, the sculpts are ridiculously detailed and well executed. My only criticism of the old Witch Soldiers, in particular, was that the weapons were too fine and easily bent or broken.
The new multi part Witch Soldiers seem more robust, and the weapons don’t seem as fragile. There is a good range of weapons options for the models, including Chain Rifles and close combat weapons.

I’m excited to get started with the paint job on the new Morats and get some game time, practicing proper Morat tactics; throwing smoke, dodging in the face of heavy fire and getting up close and personal. Rumours abound that the close combat system is getting a revamp in the third edition, so the standard Morat tactics should present a fun challenge.

And then there’s also the Raicho …