Nostalgia time: White Dwarf 125

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Whilst perusing Mengel Miniatures on my regular trawl of the blogs, I stumbled across an article about “My very first White Dwarf” and it got me all nostalgic and thoughful. What was my first White Dwarf?

White Dwarf 125 it was. It’s long since lost, unfortunately, to a house move that went bad.

andy chambers white dwarf 125
And Games Workshop has only now released the End of Times! Omens and portents abound.

Back in the halcyon days of 1990, an avid gamer was limited to whatever stock could be found in the FLGS (in this case, Mind Games in Frankston or Melbourne). Either that or ordered through the catalogue pages in the back of the White Dwarf or ordered direct from the UK; expensive at the best of times.

I particularly remember this issue as it contains an Advanced Hero Quest scenario, The Dark Beneath the World, based on a Gotrek and Felix story that introduced me to the deranged Slayer and his human sidekick. I was unimpressed to have to play the Slayer protagonist in the scenario. That was until our GM threw swathes of nasties from the dungeon’s depths in our path. Gotrek the Slayer waded through seas of spilled enemy blood to help claim the prize; a lost Templar blade guarded by a Chaos Troll.

white dwarf 125 staff

Check out these fossils!

Other interesting things in White Dwarf 125?

  • Ads for non Games Workshop products; including some pretty cool Dark Elf Marauder Miniatures, as well as the more typical Games Workshop products
  • The first pictures of Jes Goodwin’s amazing Eldar Aspect Warriors which still hold up against current miniatures
  • A Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay scenario based on the Plague Daemon short story
  • Preview information from the upcoming Lost and the Damned volume (another classic piece of Warhammer fluff)
  • Epic Imperial Guard rules
  • The usual array of fantastic and crazy ‘Eavy Metal pictures, conversions and articles

old white dwarf 125

White Dwarf 125 is a throw back to a bygone era, however, it reminds me of a different time. It also helps to remind me of the hobby that I love so much and the ways that it has evolved!

Also, two months later came White Dwarf 127 that was my first order to UK Mail Order where I acquired a heap of the new and amazing Eldar Aspect Warriors. From there, I was hooked and it was a slippery slide

What was your first?