Obscuring the Astronomican Part One

Obscuring the Astronomican is a review of wargaming blog posts that highlight some of the amazing hobbyists out there and I encourage you to check them out.

Greetings traveller and welcome to a realm beyond the safety of your Astronomican. It’s time to start getting used to the idea that the Emperor’s Light doesn’t reach all the dark corners of the galaxy anymore.

Le Blog dé Kouzes warhammer aos seraphon painted blog

Le Blog dé Kouzes – Steve’s Seraphon

Despite being in French, Google translate does an admirable job. THe Seraphon are utterly amazing.

Le Blog dé Kouzes astronomican warhammer aos seraphon painted blog complete army

I would love a more detailed tutorial about painting the weapons which are a real stand out for me!

LONELY ARTICHOKE, astronomican, tutorial, pinning, miniatures, painting

Lonely Artichoke – Pinning And How To Do It

It’s always handy to get a reminder of some of the basics. Pinning is an incredibly handy skill to have, especially if you’re working with some of the more delicate finely sculpted miniatures. Infinity miniatures need pinning a lot more than so of the other ranges out there, so it’s doubly helpful!

scottish gt astronomican malifaux battle report tournament bovine overlord

The Bovine Overlord – Malifaux tournament report: Scottish GT 2017

Malifaux is one of those sleeper-hit games. Dice are replaced with a deck of cards. The setting is wild-west-horror-steam-punk. As weird as the mix is, the miniatures look great and the game plays really well. The battle report from the Bovine Overlord is detailed without being boring. The battle report does a great job of detailing the run at the top of the table and is well worth the read!

astronomican warhammer 40k nurgle death guard conversion painting miniature tale of painters

Stahly’s Tale of Painters – Death Guard Plageinator

Tale of Painters is always a great place to go and get some inspiration. The Plagueinator is built from the Lord of Plague from the Age of Sigmar model range. It has rapidly become an iconic miniature, not just from the Nurgle range. Whenever I see an awesome conversion like this though, I would love to see a WIP or build article to go with it.

This has been Obscuring the Astronomican, where I randomly review blog posts that highlight some of the amazing hobbyists out there and I encourage you to check them out.

If you have you a blog that should be in Obscuring the Astronomican? Please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!