Old Stuff Day 2014

old stuff day

It’s Old Stuff Day again! From the awesome Warhammer 39999 comes an interesting exercise in reviewing old content.

[To celebrate Old Stuff Day,] simply by taking a look back at some of your own classic blog posts, dusting them off, and presenting them to a new audience of blog-readers. On March 2nd, I hope that everyone takes some time to renew some of their favourite posts from their blogs past to share them with the community.

And if you don’t already have a blog? Well, don’t feel left out. On Old Stuff Day, readers of blogs are encouraged to dig through older content of various blogs and comment on a post that might otherwise have been considered long-since dead. The same thread0mantic behaviour that would get you chastised on forums will surely earn you the respect of a good-natured blogger.

via Warhammer 39999 original announcement.

As all my regular readers know, I love me some Bloodbowl! And my Crookback Boogers are a devastating force of pure Goblin power. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

As part of my obsessive over investment in the Crookback Boogers, I developed the Official Crookback Booger theme song!

At the time, the Boogers were part of a friendly league played at “Dave’s Garage” and in all honesty, the theme song was probably sung once. Oh, what a glorious refrain when it did!

I think I go punched a lot …