Old Stuff Day 2015

It’s on again. March 2nd is Old Stuff Day. Old Stuff Day is NOT about venerating some of the more chronologically challenged of your gaming community (I am partial to Jelly Belly jellybeans, if you’re that way inclined), no, it’s about dragging out some of your classic blog posts to give them new light and fresh eyes.

[To celebrate Old Stuff Day,] simply by taking a look back at some of your own classic blog posts, dusting them off, and presenting them to a new audience of blog-readers. On March 2nd, I hope that everyone takes some time to renew some of their favourite posts from their blogs past to share them with the community.

And if you don’t already have a blog? Well, don’t feel left out. On Old Stuff Day, readers of blogs are encouraged to dig through older content of various blogs and comment on a post that might otherwise have been considered long-since dead. The same thread0mantic behaviour that would get you chastised on forums will surely earn you the respect of a good-natured blogger.

old stuff day

via Warhammer 39999 original announcement.

Last year I had revisited one of my favourite games, Blood Bowl, and the mediocre team that underperformed above and beyond expectations, the Crookback Boogers.

This year, I’m going back. Way back. All the way back to 2007. Even back then Kanye was still a turd …

My first post on Sprue Grey was a Musing on the Sisters of Battle. Rather than revisit it in too much detail, I’m having a bit of a reminisce about the pass.

Sprue Grey Toy Soldiers was not always the hulking behemoth that you see before you. It originally started out as a little blog to post the escapades of my gaming group, The Golden D6. Back in the day, our membership was a force to be reckoned with. In the Melbourne Warhammer 40000 tournament scene, we were a big deal. Some would say big fish in a small pond and to them I say, FUCK OFF!!! It’s only toy soldiers!!

With our delusions of grandeur held firmly in our hands, we decided that a blog was in order. Being all tech savvy as I was, setting up the blog was … relatively easy. At the time, I needed a blog that was multi-user and also user-friendly. Some of our gaming group, while a powerhouse rolling a D6, could only just turn on a computer!

After a bit of searching around I found Geeklog. At the time WordPress was all the rage, but I wanted to buck the trend and get behind the little guy. Yes, I am now a WordPress convert, even to the point of getting the capitalisation correct. That’s not the point.

The idea behind the blog was to collect the knowledge that we collectively gathered. Amongst our (expanded) membership were also some talented painters as well as gamers. I had visions of being a bastion of good tactics and painting in a sea of white noise. That was my mistake. Looking back now, I should have run the blog myself and “interviewed” our membership on the topic de jour. In the end, I think I was the only one who made any regular contributions or would jump onto wargamerau to find tourney reports and comments that I thought needed to be recorded for posterity.

Eventually, it all just faded away like a fart in a twister. However, I was enjoying blogging, migrated from Geeklog to WordPress and continued to maintain the site up until I made a couple (well, really one) stupid post and shut the site down. If you go an look at thegoldend6.com now, I think it’s a spam “Buy your unwanted gold” website.

Armed with a database backup after a butt-tonne of converting from Geeklog to WordPress, I started spruegrey.com. I decided to keep all the old content as I thought some of it was useful. I’d heard you could make money from blogging and put in some ads; dreaming a dream that I could blog for a living.

To this day, I have not yet covered the first year of running the website and that was back in 2006(ish).

The very first article that I was able to rescue (after database crashes and conversions between different blogging platforms) showed my descent into madness. In my days at Uni and after numerous stints working at GW, I was on good terms with the managers of the retail stores in Melbourne and was able to get casual work. I had my eye on THAT boxset. The one that sealed my doom. The army boxset Sisters of Battle.

sisters of battle army box set

Yes, I am THAT old.

Firmly convinced that I was stronger than meta, I constructed an army and painted it … mostly painted it [I really need to go back and inventory my collection of Sisters of Battle] and proceeded to get thumped all across the Imperium. Like a good Imperial citizen, I have dallied with the forces of Chaos, been purified by the Inquisition and returned unto the fold.

Honestly, one of the main reasons I maintain the Sister of Battle army was a passing comment from a gamer of ill-repute from across the border in South Australia. Stu Williams (where are you?!) once said that he started a Sisters of Battle army after seeing the army that I had painted. I felt really proud to have inspired someone like that. That pride is the same reason that I have continued to keep up the Sprue Grey blog.

Since that first post, there have been regular massacres of the English language, lulls due to changes in job, personal crises, relationships, marriage and the birth of my daughter (last seen “helping” construct a worm farm). However, the blog remains a constant and I lie to myself and say I use it for motivation to game and paint. I like to think there are still a few pearls of wisdom that I have pulled out now and again. After two hundred and sixty-five posts; there have to be a couple, surely?!

I enjoy keeping up the site and writing the occasional piece as time allows. And I am thankful for the ones and ones of readers who spurn me on (Hi, Mum!). Sprue Grey remains a labour of love and as long as I’m gaming I hope to continue blogging.