Old Stuff Day 2018

It’s on again. Today is Old Stuff Day.

Old Stuff Day is NOT about venerating some of the more chronologically challenged of your gaming community (I am partial to Jelly Belly jellybeans if you’re that way inclined), no, it’s about dragging out some of your classic blog posts to give them new light and fresh eyes.

old stuff day
via Warhammer 39999 original announcement.

For this year’s Old Stuff Day, I am digging way back in the archives to bring back a post from March, 2007.

Golden Daemon 2006


Back when I could paint better!

I was doing a fair amount of gaming at the time, despite having nowhere to live. Painting was a bit of a luxury. I managed to find enough time work on a Terminator Chaplain and Crom the Conqueror in time to enter them into my local GW’s Golden Daemon heat. Back then, you entered the Golden Daemon in your local store and wold progress out of the store into the state before reaching the finals.

space marine terminator chaplain Warhammer 40k
I am in awe of this miniature! I was a huge fan of the original Terminator Chaplain, but this one knocks it out of the park!
Crom the Conqueror Warhammer aos chaos

A while later, while taking some pictures of some more finished miniatures I discovered this:

As it turns out, my eyesight is not quite as good as it used to be and the camera was showing me in extremely high resolution detail the extent of the damage! It was pretty disheartening to realise that with age came poor eyesight. And for a while, my painting took a bit of a hit while I adjusted. I was forced to buy some vision enhancing tactical ocular improvers. Yes, they’re magnifying glasses to help me paint.

I’ve been working hard on this year’s #Squaduary and made some pretty good progress on completing the pledge (almost) on time. I have adapted well to using ocular enhancements and remembered why it is I enjoy paining toy soldiers.

After this, my next goal is to get some games in.