Painted Combined Army Charontid

After the enthusiasm that ended up with four painted Morat soldiers, I thought I’d continue on with one of my other favourite models in the Combined Army range; the Charontid.

Again, a bit of background.

The Charontids are the light combat incarnation of the personality Aspects of the EI. The perfect soldiers, they march a whole week without sleeping, tolerate any level of sunlight and gravity, are able to breathe in any type of atmosphere and are not disturbed by any smell.
They can eat any organic substance in order to survive. They have the best equipment the Ur Rationalist can make. Their systems of hypersensitive sensors and radar/sonar are scattered on plates all over their body armour in order to receive a global image of their surroundings. Charontids see absolutely everything. You can run but never hide from them. In classic Greek, Charontid means roughly, “those who are like Charonte”, or “the sons of Charonte”, the boatman of souls. This name was transmitted by the EI across all human military channels from Paradiso as a presentation of their new campaign toys in a sinister display of technological superiority.

The Charontid is a bit of a monster on the table. I enjoy using him employed as an eighty-one point lieutenant.

  • With Ghost Level X: Mnemonica, the Aspect of the EI that controls the actual army can automatically jump to another model’s Cube if the Charontid is destroyed. Interestingly, if the Charontid falls unconscious, the Aspect can be passed to another model, however the Charontid is auto-destructed and removed from play.
  • The Charontid also comes with Valor Level 3 and has to be completely killed as there is no Unconscious state for this model.
  • The Charontid Lieutenant comes with Multispectral Visor Level 3, Nanopulser (especially handy for Intuitive Attacks), Monofilament CCW and the all important Plasma Rifle.
  • When playing the Charontid as a lieutenant, the most notable thing is the SWC cost. Although the Charontid is eighty-one points, it is zero SWC to take as a lieutenant!

Successful use of the Charontid lieutenant is a delicate balancing act. He is, as noted above, a bit of a monster, BS 13 and CC 15 mean the Plasma Rifle and the CCW can be used reliably. WIP 16 means any rolls are more likely to succeed.
The favourite has to be ARM 5! Five points of armour on this bad boy.
The temptation is always to run him up and start blasting! Worst case scenario, he gets blasted into paste and the Mnemonica kicks in.
The only bad thing about the Charontid is his move of 4-2; slow for “light combat incarnation of the personality Aspects of the EI” and means you need to dump some orders into him to move.
Or do you?
If the Charontid is taken as a lieutenant, logically, it’s better to protect him. Slow movement means lurking around the back field and the Charontid is easily strong enough to deal with drop troops until reinforcements arrive.

On to the painted miniature. Photo is via phone against a white background using my DIY light box. The blue background didn’t show any of the highlighting on the yellow.

infinity painted combined army chrontid

I’ve never painted much yellow and now I understand why. Apart from making your mega tough alien look like Ronald McDonald, it’s a pain to shade and highlight.
The yellow recipe is:

  • Liberally applied Iyanden Darksun, watered down just a little bit to improve flow, as the base coat.
  • Gryphone Sepia wash in the deeper recesses. The Charontid has a fair number of nook and crannies, including lines between joining armour plates.
  • Reapply Iyanden Darksun to clean up.
  • Mix two parts Iyanden Darksun to one part Sunburst Yellow as the first highlight. Apply to raised areas, leaving only a small amount of Iyanden Darksun showing. Be generous with the water, it’ll make the application easier and also help smooth the transition from the base colour to the first highlight. Thinning the paint may require a couple of coats of the highlight in order to make it stand out against the base.
  • The next highlight is a one-to-one mix of Iyanden Darksun and Sunburst Yellow, decrease the coverage area, but still use the water thinning method.
  • The third highlight is pure Sunburst Yellow applied to the edges of armour and highest points of limbs etc.
  • I did one more ridiculously small highlight of Sunburst Yellow and Bleached Bone, one-to-one, just to really bring out the corners and sharp edges.