Painted Morat Vanguard Infantry

I have finished painting my Combined Army Morat Vanguard Infantry. Just in time for them to get re-sculpted!

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Finally after the dust settles after March, I make some progress with the Combined Army; starting with some Morat Vanguard Infantry.
First, some background:

The Morat are the militarist race par excellence. Morat troops possess an ingrained feeling of belonging to their combat units. Their instruction and training have produced an attack force where an individual sense of duty and personal honour is sublimated to those of the group. The Morat are very strict, follow rules to the letter and will fight until no soldier is on his feet: for this reason they will not disperse until they accomplish their mission.

The Morat are line troopers and are key to the Morat Aggression Force which is one of the Combined Army Sectorial lists. They can be just there for the order pool, but as grunt troopers, they may need to play a more strategic role in the list.
Sad but true: these were the guys that got me interested in the Combined Army. Yup, simple Morat Vanguards … the grunt troops who have no real skills. Sounds familiar.
infinity combined army morat
After too much procrastination, finishing the Morats wasn’t that hard. Two hour’s additional work was all it took to get the above results.
The recipe for the pants is a little outside the norm. However, start with Calthan Brown base. From the base, start highlighting with Sunburst Yellow. The first stage is applied in a 4:1 ratio of Brown to Yellow fairly liberally over the base coat, leaving Calthan Brown in the recesses. Subsequent highlights (3:1, 2:1) are done with more Sunburst Yellow added to lighten the original base. One final highlight is done on the highest points using pure Sunburst Yellow. I could see the benefit to washing the finished product with Gryphonne Sepia to tone down the Yellow and smooth the whole thing over.
The armour is a Hawk Turquoise base with an Asurmen Blue Wash to darken the recesses. Reapply Hawk Turquoise and then start highlighting with Skull White added in small amounts.
Faces are Scab Red, Blood Red and final highlights with Blood Red added to Sunburst Yellow.
Simple Morat paint scheme, huh?
It holds up with the rest of the force so far, particularly the Daturazi Witch Soldiers.
For those keeping score, that’s a total of seven miniatures painted in my Combined Army collection.
Next, up some hardcore aliens!