Painting dead skin tutorial

Whilst trawling around various forums, I found this brilliant tutorial for painting undead skin. Specifically in this case, it was Belles for a Malifaux crew, but it could equally apply to any undead.

  1. The skin takes a little while to paint. I start on unliving skin by putting down a coat of Vj Brown Sand (GW Tallarn Flesh will do, but Vallejo works better).
  2. I then layered down a coat of Vj Brown Violet (GW alternative Dark Green + Snakebite Leather wash).
  3. Once that is dry I layer up with Vj Brown sand and Vj Light Grey with a little of the Vj Brown Violet mixed in (GW Dwarf Flesh + Codex works).
  4. I gradually replace the Vj Brown Sand with Vj Flat Flesh and remove the Vj Brown Violet from the mix (GW replace with Elf Flesh + Fortress Grey).
  5. Wash with GW Thraka Green mixed with GW Gryphonne Sepia.
  6. Once dry, highlight back up again with the Vj Flat Flesh – Vj Light Grey mix.
  7. Wash again with GW wash mix.
  8. Highlight again finishing with a spot highlight of Vj Green Grey (GW Rotting Flesh).
  9. Finally carefully add thin washes of GW Red Gore mixed with old GW Brown Ink into selected cracks and the eye sockets.
  10. I then added the eyes in with Vj Pale Sand (GW Bleached Bone) and then a final dot of GW Skull White.

Which turns out something like this:

REF: Ratty on Malifaux forums.