Painting Painless Joe. Painlessly. Part One

Painless Joe is one of Heresy Miniatures’ Sci-Fi gangers. Any resemblance between Delaque miniatures from Necromunda is purely coincidental.

As part of my Heresy Miniatures “Put-Up-Or-Shut-Up” post a while back, I bought Joe with plans of making another gang for Rogue Stars by Osprey Wargames.

heresy miniatures painless joe necromunda delaque sci fi ganger assembly

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Painless Joe comes in five bits that fit together very well with only minimal flash clean up. However, that ammo belt. Oh, that ammo belt. Heresy Miniatures may have taken a page out of Infinity’s play book with an intricate, fiddly and brittle piece that’s amazingly frustrating to attach. After glueing my fingers to the miniature no more than three or four times and pinning everything, because you never know, Painless Joe stands ready to be painted.

heresy miniatures painless joe necromund sci fi ganger delaque

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I especially wanted to work on the skin of Painless Joe as it’s a major feature. Along with the coat and the mini gun. I would like to keep the paint scheme close to the original miniature and have tried to keep the paint scheme limited.

painting painless joe heresy miniatures base coat paints

After a black under coat, I paid special attention to making sure the coat was an even black. Painless Joe’s pants are Orkhide Shade and his flesh is base coated using Graveyard Earth.

heresy miniatures painless joe base coat miniature

Have you ever really looked at your skin? It’s not a uniform colour, unfortunately. To help reflect some of the peculiarities of human skin, I applied a generous wash of Baal Red especially to the depths of the skin.

heresy miniatures painless joe skin shading

After applying the base coat and shading the skin, I began to highlight. Painting skin has always been a weak point for me. I am really looking forward to going all out on Painless Joe and seeing the end result.

heresy miniatures painless joe skin highlights
painless joe heresy miniatures skin highlight

I started mixing up small amounts of Bleached Bone to the Graveyard Earth base coat. By using a wet palette, I was able to extend the work time of the paints significantly. After mixing and experimenting with highlights, they were progressively built up over the base colour.

painless joe heresy miniatures skin finished

Once again the miracle of modern photography exposed some of the weaknesses in my technique, however the combination of the wet palette mixing and this …

winsor newton series 7 paint brushes heresy miniatures painless joe

will help me to fix some of the problems.