Painting and playing toy soldiers for longer than you

Who am I? I am (in)famous anywhere players of toy soldiers gather. In Melbourne. I am the man, the myth, the legend: Ratboy!

You have to just know that there’s a story behind that one, right?

Long ago, as a misty-eyed youth, I did what we all consider at some point in our gaming lives; I worked for Games Workshop. First in retail at the recently opened Chatswood store and then the brand new Sydney store and eventually gravitated to working in Mail Order in the Australian operation where I ran the show for a while. My staff was a bunch of slack-jawed yokels. Actually, it was a one-man show.

As you would imagine, working in the hobby mecca (young and misty-eyed, remember?), money flowed freely from the hole in my pocket. Before I knew it, I was in possession of about five kilograms of lead Skaven miniatures.

At around the same time, a new guy had started in the warehouse and I’ll never forget his name, Adam Duggan … I wonder where he is? Upon one of the first times meeting me, for reasons known only to him, he cried, “You look like a rat, boy!

And the rest is, as they say, history.